Friday, October 29, 2010

sha: rita rudaini, please shut up!

Tetek Rita Rudaini
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Dear Rita,

This is a curse of frustration from a fan who is obsessed with the game called football. Who is wishing with all her heart that Negri will win this weekend. But who am I? Just an ordinary fat girl who will not going to be missed in the stadium tomorrow.

And this girl is reading a story in a newspaper about a supposed-to-be-number-one-supporter-of-her-husband tomorrow. I hate that woman. Why? Can you just shut up, Rita? At the time when I'm supposed to reading about tactics, games, selections, trainings, fans and so on...I'm actually seeing you on the front page - talking about the captain of my favourite team. Who are you? Why can't you just be fair to us - the supporters? For goodness sake, if you really understand and love your husband, please appreciate that he has a career!!!

When you got married to him, you were the one who made so much noise about how you guys got married. Now, at the time when he is supposed to prove himself to the world (I believe you understand that a footballer's performance in the league means a lot to the selection of national squad!), you make noise about how much he has changed after meeting his parents.

Well, what do you expect old lady? That guy comes with a package: his family. Talking badly about his in-laws won't help.

Arggghhh....who cares about your marriage anyway? People gets married and divorced everyday. But you make it sound that the world revolves around you. Well, this is not so surprising. I remember the day I met you. Several years ago, you were looking at us, university students, below your nose. I can recall your white G-string underneath your transparent white linen pants you wore that day. You...with your "gloriness"; thinking that we wanted your autograph.

I didn't care about your reaction that day. I mean, come were just one stupid bimbo who thought that you were so hot, you couldn't get off your hands on Fadzley. We were not that enthusiastic to see you, honestly. And we were happy to see Fadzley because we have met him during a corporate dinner (which you couldn't attend obviously since you were not up to that standard) Who were you? Just another mediocre face on TV (come on, if you have won FFM like Erra or Lisa, we might have a bit of respect). Not only your face is ordinary, your act was so plastic and pretentious. You might have succeeded in playing Mami Jarum Jr. (because the lady who laughs like a horse really made you looked natural), but you can never look innocent. I repeat, N.E.V.E.R.

If you feel that my accusation is too personal and harsh, I'm sorry. But I tell you what, stop talking about your personal life because it is going to cause other people's professional lives. Your husband, for instant, has a important game to play tomorrow. He needs to concentrate. He might not be David Beckham, but even Beckham played poorly when he had problems with Victoria. Kindly appreciate you're not Posh Spice; but your role matters a lot and that is....FOR YOU TO SHUT UP.

You have a career as well. Yes, I did mention that you were not my favourite (and still is). This is because you do not know how to separate business over pleasure. You talk more about your personal than your newest projects and aspiration. You, think highly of yourself - you thought that a bunch of college students were "terhegeh-hegeh" over your not-so-famous profile. Get yourself a measurement tape, how successful are you as an actress?

So why should I bother talking about your talent instead of your personal life?
Clearly, you wanted everyone to know.

Come on. Wake up.

This world is not just about you. And I'm staining my blog to talk about someone so low graded (I repeat this because you do not know how to take care of your pride as a woman, wife, mother, and a career woman). You don't talk about bad things when you love that someone in your life. Not for the whole world to know. I hope this will be lesson to all woman out there; including myself - about not to be a KEPOH-CHI like you. Amin.

Don't talk about protecting your children - I've seen better mothers than you. They are actresses as well! What you're doing is so stupid and brainless.

I'm writing this to let anyone (if possible you too) know about how much the game means to us tomorrow. I saw your husband played football since he was small. And I saw him growing up - becoming good looking and had options of beautiful women before him. But he chose you - and as fans of football, we thought that what he did mattered nothing to us as long as he played good football.

And...if he is not doing well tomorrow, I personally think that you owe the fans an apology.

We'll see.

For now, just shut up, Rita.


* Because Milah can't stop talking to everyone about her relationship too. Well, at least you're better looking than her, Rita. Hahaha.

Yours insincerely,
---Football Fan---


@LiYaNNuaR said...


ashie023 said...

GOod Job!! ahha,,,
padan dengan muke rita..amik ko..

well Good LUck for Negeri Sembilan..
i can't wait to watch

Cik GuLA-GuLa said...


Zayani said...

wo ho!!
sabar²! ;p

sya said...

sokong! sokong!
sya pun sokong nogori walaupun bukan orang nogori... hehehe

Dee said...

x tau nak komen apa..speechless..

moga n9 menang..sbb hubby org n9..kehkehkeh..

mier@merr said...


gomo klate gomo..

alamak,...japg ai plak yg kena shut up..hee

kakchik said...

sha,i think you should be a column writer in the entertainment and sports section. i just can't stop reading the whole thing.

and even though Kelantan win, I'm sad that aidil got hurt during the game. Someone should have send this to Rita.

Cik Qemm said...

garangnye kak sha.

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