Monday, October 25, 2010

sha: signature dish, gelak gadis!

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This is not really a story about travelling to unique places. I mean, I'm not a person who travels across the country all the time. I wish I am, but I'm not. I envy friends who are doing it; but now I'm glad that this domestic side of me is giving the chance for me to take care of my mum in the hospital.

I was so stressed up with some problems when friends were inviting me for dinner in KLCC. Place to go? Well, as I told you, I was penniless. If I was richer, I would want to hang out somewhere more fulfilling. Like Nando's, for example. Three Bean Salad would absolutely made me happy.

But of course, I had only few options. Signature was the destination. Therefore, I settled down with Sizzling Noodle instead. Besides, I was looking for something affordable and hot. The best food is the food that you eat with the best companions; and I believed I had those that day:)

While my friends were nibbling their McDonald's set, I was wondering about the existence of Sizzling Noodle in the most of Malaysian food courts. As far as my poor memory could remember, it has been a signature dish for several food courts since I was young. The first time I ate those chicken and mushroom, it was heavenly fine. But after quite sometime, the dish became a vivid memory.

I got bored.

So, I have forgotten the dish totally. The options of eating other stuff made it easier; I became my own financier; social circles changed and the chance of going to food courts were becoming lesser. Especially when they had all these wonderful stuff like Korean and Taiwan dishes - I was suddenly having more and more options. And I was becoming forgetful about the dish that ate when I was still in school: the signature dish of a food court called Sizzling Noodles.

And I had forgetten the art of girls'laughter. Only God knows how much I have pretended to laugh. I did, and I thought that I did quite right at laughing. Sometimes, I was overreacting. I knew it sounded so stupid but I couldn't help hiding my own fears and sadness - I would almost everything to stop myself from crying.

But when friends were reminding me of the good old days - the makeups I used to wear, the skirts that I was proud of, the ex-boyfriend I used to adore, the food I used to eat and the old me who used to be strong...I started to remember how to giggle. The moment I expressed my anger over Milah's story was the moment I knew I got shoulders to cry on.

Yes, babies...she was indeed a B and I was trying too hard not to hurt her.

And that's what friends were for:
To remind you of who you are.

And of course...
To be the best companion even though the taste of Sizzling Noodle has changed over 15 year:)

I changed looks. I overgrew my outfit. I moved house. I changed jobs.
But my friends are still there.

Thanks my dearest buddies.
Can't wait for the next session of gelak-gelak gadis!

Let Milah control her "ayu" face:)


amie. said...

just some random thoughts here. i love the way you write. seriously :)

Amieynna Amin said...

lama nye tak drop komen..
hari ini nak drop komen sebab tadi ada tulis entry n tulis "cherina".. terus masuk page ni.. hehe..

saya suke sizzling!!!

Quiyah said...

lalalala.. eventhough milah is the skinny B, for me she is the BIGGEST B, i have ever met in my entire life.

Whatever it is, if she came accross to my path ever again, i'll make sure that this time,she does not even dare to touch you, yeesh, i hate her, i hate her..

ok, im over reacting again.. sowwy!

Dee said...

sizzling mee..sedapnya...lama x mkn..