Monday, October 11, 2010

sha the traveler: rewards...rewards...rewards!!!

Weekend. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Me? If you ask me, I'll have two answers: I love weekend because I get to sleep more (and you know how much I love pillows!) But I am certainly hating it when I have to think about the activities. It's not that I don't have any ideas, I just don't have the budget right now. Thinking about searching for tulips make me crave for more adventures, but even adventures are costly these days:(

Which makes me a less fun person, I would say. I am this type of person who takes risks. But now, I'm not even thinking about a higher reward. My Economy lecturer used to teach me about, "The higher the risk, the higher the reward." In younger days, reward was my target and risk kept my adrenalin pumping.

Human with great testostrone, good looks and brilliant smile was the rewards, level of "gedikness" from another person point of view was the risk. The satisfaction of the adventure? S.U.P.E.R.B.

Well, that is if we look at an easy example. Look into more routine example.

Like, when you had to pay for assignment's printing cost without even thinking of your dinner.
The risk was whether you would have dinner or not because you had only RM10 and binding itself made you paid RM3. And the rewards? A clean transcript without the letter "E" or "F".

Or when you changed your blog template. Risk? Losing or messing up the nice looking blog you already have. Reward? A blog makeover so that your friends could have a better view of the mole on your upper lip when you put the picture of you licking Baskin Robbins

I want to have an enojoyable weekend like I used to enjoy. But the rewards aren't that high any more and the risks are too high - they are almost unstable.

This was what I did a fortnight ago:

I was travelling to Cameron Highlands with only few notes in my purse. On the way uphill, the empty fuel symbol was blipping and a slow Mazda 3 was crawling in front of my Suzuki. In the end, the Suzuki ran with the empty tank for more than 30 kilometres (and I have no regret of purchasing you, my dear). My Suzuki managed to be fueled up only when we reached Ringlet.

We reached Tanah Rata at 11:30a.m. A relief. Then, we went through a horrible cum death-threatening journey across the tea plantation. A bunch of broad, elegant and arrogant Toyota Camrys passed the sides of my humble Suzuki on a narrow path to Boh Plantation. Talk about rememberance and the prayers. My eyes were brimming with tears each time I saw a car in front of me. Please...please...please...don't hurt my white baby!

But when I was chewing on the strawberry tarts and sipped a teapot of Palas Supreme on the cliff at the Boh Factory, I was grinning at the beautiful panorama and forgot the whole drama.I was enchanted by the looks of wild lilies and hydrangeas until I forgot that adventure of going back to the same route was just in front of me:P

And then, I went to the Strawberry Park - because I was longing to pick up the strawberries. The gardener brought me to the steep highlands; where a small river was nearby and the ripest strawberries were available. The risk of getting the nicest plump strawberries? I might fall down the hill. But the reward? Nice juicy hand-picked strawberries. And satisfaction of doing things on my own, of course.

After that, we had a hard time finding the nice Rose Garden. So, we drove everywhere through the dangerous valleys. After several attempt - I was suddenly in the midst of huge & powdery-smelled flowers and a tender look in my eyes.

I told you what the risks and rewards were. Now, I'm telling you the outcome - I'm broke! That was what you were going to get if you traveled after a festive season like Raya.

And...the biggest reward was: A great time with my parents - something which was not that easy to achieve.

Have you taken any risk recently folks? What are the rewards?


Dee said...

errr..can't at least sha gi holiday kan? worth it right?

~Kak AZZ~ said...

Waaa... apsal tak bgtau nk pegi CH.. Boleh la datang rumah akak ni... Lebih kurang 1 1/2 jam perjalanan je dari CH ke sini...

Akak nak pegi lagi. Mak pon ckp nak pegi lagi... Bnyk lg kebun yg kitorang tak serbu... hehehe...

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe.... g beroliday eik?

kami pun akan ke langkawi rabu nie... :)

mier@merr said...

bla k.sha sbut rose garden....tingat kenangan ngan kawan2 dlu..
dengan tabah dan gigihnye..kitorang jalan kaki nak naik ke rose garden tu...bajet dekat la... da naik punye tinggi..smapi je..tgk2... gulppp...TUTUP!!

penat giler dah.... cane nak menapak turun lak ni...

kebetulan ada lori kecik lalu... malu pun da tak kire da masa tu... naik je..... 6 org nyanyi2 atas lori...hahaha....

reward? ~~ pengalaman yang takkan dapat kat tempat lain...