Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sha: 1 lembu. 1 bunga. 1 nama.

Apakah akan terjadi pada semua
Bila mentari dan sang bumi
Tak lagi saling memahami
Dan cinta yang sedia ada
Pupus sudah segalanya
Hanya tinggal sisa suka duka percintaan

- Manifestasi Cinta by Fiq feat. Mirwana

There is a tree which draws my attention every time I walk in front of Wisma MCA these days. The flowers are blooming beautifully - it looks like sakura in the midst of KL. Don't ask what is the colour of the flower. You know how much I love purple and pink and white;)

At the side of the busy road, the blossoms are falling down graciously. Today, I pick up the tissue-like flowers and press them in my book. I can't wait for the result. Too bad that the flowers aren't made for bouquet. Sometimes I just can't bear the sight of people stepping on them. Something as beautiful as that should be appreciated but that is the nature in life.

And I have to accept it.

This applies to nasty jokes as well:

Apek: Satu Malaysia. Satu bangsa. Satu nama. Habis, Melayu sudah boleh makan babi la?

Pakcik: Habis kalau Melayu boleh makan babi, Cina kena sunatlah?

Annei: Takkan India sudah boleh makan lembu?

And they laugh. I can't see the funny side of their jokes because these matters are too sensitive. But then again, the way we're respecting each other is mostly by ignoring what other people are doing. It's not that everyone practices learning about other people cultures.

We just don't bother. The less we know, the less we mingle is the best. That way, we can avoid the fight. It's like passing Wisma MCA everyday without even noticing beautiful flowers are falling from its tree.

But is that supposed to be the right way? I remember how furious I was with a cow breeder when my mum was staying in the government quarters. My beautiful orchids were the cows' meal since the cow breeder was letting them loose.

It happened everyday except for Hari Raya Aidiladha. I asked the cow breeder where were his cows and he said:

"Tak mau lepaslah, kakak. Nanti Melayu sembelih sama saya punya lembu."

I laughed and explained the scenario. But diversity have always been a difficult topic to penetrate, so I let him make his own judgment.

Today is called Hari Mantai for those who are from Negeri Sembilan. The day where people buy meat (this includes duck and buffalo if you're truly from the state!) and cook for their love ones.

What is happening to Sha, folks? She is sitting in front of the PC to get a pot of rice. At the same time, this is what plays in my mind right now...

...I don't want to be a cow or a coward. Say no to abusive jokes.
...I want to discover the feminine side of me. Be a bit more lembut and lentok:P
...I love to create my own identity. (am I not doing that already)

That's my goal for now. 1 lembu. 1 bunga. 1 nama.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, folks.

The cow and the flower has taught me a lot this year. How about you?

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atty's said...

selamat hariraya aidiladha .

diana said...

salam aidiladha

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

salam aidil adha jua buat akak ngan family... :)

mier@merr said...

selamat hari lembu..eh! selamat hari raya aidiladha..

~semoga impian jadi kenyataan... hee

Dee said...

salam aidiladha sha...kita jumpa next month ye..yg itu pasti..kehkehkeh..jgn marah tau..

Šĥű© said...

selamat hari raya aidiladha :)