Monday, November 01, 2010

sha: more spoon than gravy

When Milah became too excited about her date with Farid, I was yawning widely.


" tau tak I nak keluar dengan Farid?" she asked with "that" intonation.
I held my breath. Then...
"So?" my intonation showed my boredom. Clearly.
"Guess what?! Farid ajak I...dia kata dia nak suruh I temankan dia cari barang," my eardrums were hurting. Why did she sound like Marlia Musa in Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu?

"Mmmmhmmmmm...." I'm still showing the other side of interest. For the second time.

"Shaa...I nervous nak keluar dengan Farid. Mesti I naik kereta dia. Lepas tu keluar sama-sama. Segannya I...segannya I, Sha!!!" Milah pretended to blush. Or she was using a blusher. I obviously didn't pay attention on that.

"Okay..." I drew my breath out. Well, Farid is someone else's boyfriend. But Milah is having a crush on him. She didn't tell me this; I was just guessing. I could figure it out when Milah was mentioning his name for more than 50 times per day. I had scolded Milah once, stressing out the fact that I didn't want to hear Farid's name. But I gave up. If I'm a doctor, I would've check her ears. There must be holes somewhere. My advice was gone in the wind.

"Agaknya manalah Farid nak bawak I?" she daydreamingly expressed that. I didn't pay attention.

Milah got a boyfriend on her own. It was just that she craved for attention - so she could easily replace her boyfriend with another and she will talk about them. NON STOP.

"Sha...nak tau tak...Helmi cakap dia sayang I..."
"Sha...I dengan Tengku dah discuss nak kahwin!"
"Sha...kalau Saiful nampak nieh...mesti dia suka...dia suka makan pedas!"
"Sha...I have something to tell you. Tadi Ridz boring dengan I!"

Someone who can't stop talking about her boyfriend. And Farid.

I always wonder why Milah doesn't want to make her boyfriend/crush stories exclusive to herself. I, obviously wrote about Sepet in my blog. But the intimate part of our relationship? Absolutely exclusive - just between us. Like how he eat. Or snores.

But I can't help saying that Farid (not the Farid in Pocket's blog~!) is always the main topic with me. Like, she will tell me about how Farid is looking at her, or talking to her.

I, with the devil-whispered heart is thinking..."Is Milah trying to fish me into jealousy?"

Let me laugh to myself. Farid is no Gerard Butler or Hugh Jackman. He is someone's boyfriend. How could I be jealous when he is going out with Milah?


Quiyah said...

"Sha, i nak muntah!" Bluwek..
i hates milah even more..
sudah aku emo.. salahkan hormon yer..

mier@merr said...

alalala......... over taw u ni milah..
tak kuase ai..

Dee said...

boringlah ko citer kt orang lain ar..bluwek!1