Thursday, November 25, 2010

sha: sha o'hara?

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Bukan sengaja aku merahsiakan cinta
Tapi curiga kau kan tersalah sangka
Kerana kita rasa bangga bila dipuja
Dan rasa keji bila dihina
- Seribu Bayangan by Damasutra

One of my wildest dream is to go to a cotton field. I want to see how the plant look like. If I'm not mistaken, there was a scene of Scarlet O'hara plucking the cotton from its tree. That particular character in Gone with The Wind is my favourite, despite her stupid ego:)

Scarlet had her time of weaknesses too. She tried to be independent but at the same time she was weak with greed and jealousy. She was beautiful and she was proud about it. At the same time she couldn't have everything she wanted - including the man that she loved.

Welcome to the classic world, folks. I was twelve when my eyes shed its tears after watching Gone With The Wind:P

Someone told me this yesterday,
"You have to learn how to trust."

And I kept my silence at that time because I was showing my respect. If I followed my heart, I would have certainly objected.

Trust? Pretend that everyone is innocent.

What are you supposed to do when Salmah did this to you...

"Kenapa pointer kau teruk ye?" she asked.

"You mean?" that info was supposed to be confidential.

"Aku bukak file kau...aku baca kau nieh dulu pointer taklah bagus manaa...." she said with an accusing eyes. The triumph showed clearly as her eyes glittered devilishly.

"Pointer aku tu mencerminkan kerja aku ke?" I asked back.

"Takdelah. Tapi aku wonder jugak macam mana kau boleh dapat kerja nie..." she said chidingly.

I looked at her. That was not the first time she commented the details in my personal file. Not to mention that she tried to take my report as her report.

When you want to pluck a white and soft cotton, there is a chance for you to bleed. Cotton, as white as it is, can be hurtful.

So, don't think Salmah is innocent, okay. She is not.

I know better.

Because I am Sha O'Hara! (silalah muntah). Hehe.


CGG said...

u remind me of that song:)

nice entry

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... gasak ar kak org nak ckp apa pun... :)

a kl citizen said...

Sha... Ramai manusia sekarang menganggap rahsia orang itu benda remeh kerana orang lain tiada makna dalam hidupnya

Šĥű© said...

salmah oo salmah...
sungguh sangat makcik sibuk pulak..

mier@merr said...

la... pointer lekeh tp keje tiptop ape ada hal..
yg jadi kes bila pointer cam keje hampeh...
kalau org nmpk potensi kita..pointer da tak heran da....

Kengkawan said...

kesian salmah.. get a life!! (tolong la sampaikan ye)

zino said...

salam hujung minggu..

manje said...

i miss reading your blog sis!
owww ...bnyak betul terlepas.huhu
anyway, trust? why is it hard for you to trust sis?
ya sometimes somepeople just make it plain hard for us to think trust is an important thing in our life kan kan kan.

sekamar rindu said...


lagu damasutera yg best..

Dee said...

i don't trust salmah..never!! hehehe..