Thursday, December 23, 2010

orkid's cafe: rice is nice

Rice Is Nice
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Inginku sandarkan harapan
Bahagia hidup bersama
Tapi ku sangsi cinta di hatimu
Adakah sekuat cintaku
- Inginku Sandarkan Harapan by Hetty Koes Endang

I broke the record! Yesterday I told you that I was eating mee goreng for the past three days. Well...well...well...someone made me broke my own record yesterday. Who was it?

Definitely my mum - the person whose capable of making me drool even though I was supposed to be exhausted and sleepy and angry and unhappy. But she wiped it off by just one act.

She cooked a nice warm white rice at 11:30 pm. And then she asked me to take it from the rice cooker. She said...

"Lauk ada dekat atas meja. Ambik sendiri."

I was so lazy, I was about to say, "Malas nak makan...ngantuuuuukkk...."

But, how could I say that to the woman who was not really well, but cooked for me dinner regardless the time I reached home? How could I say that when the rice was already cooked? How could I say no when all I ate for the past two months were food from stall?

The food which tasted the same until I ran out of menu and decided to eat mee goreng everyday instead of other stuff.

So, I scooped the plain rice from the rice cooker. The steam made my face fresh. My eyes became less drowsy. And it opened widely the moment I lifted the lid of the pot...

Asam Pedas Ikan Pari.

It was completed with the ladies' finger, tomatoes, onions, bunga kantan and daun kesum. The hot and spicy stuff made me alive after being a dead zombie - espcially after meeting the auditors and bosses:p

As my tongue licked my fingers last night, I was saying...

"Thanks mum!!!"

I felt no regret of staying in Seremban and working in KL. It was worth it. Especially when I have such a great mum.

For record, I slept late last night because I ate late and I wanted to hug mum before I slept:P

How far do you travel everyday, folks?

* Sang that song in the office yesterday and everyone ran away!


cikpepel said...

sedap tuhh asam pedas ikan pari..nak2 yg melaka punye...pedass...pergh..terangkat..

tapi kalau masakan mak ni...
goreng telur je pun da rasa sgt sedap..

Šĥű© said...

saya berasa homesick sekarang~ waaaa

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe.. suka asam pedas biasa aje.. xde ikan... :)
makan ngan kicap manis skit.. pergh..... laie terangkat... :)

Ara Amnan said...

Asam pedas ikan pari! Tuhanku, dh lama tingin nk makan nie. huwaargghh jeles kt kak sha! :(

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Wah, wah wah...asam pedas ikan pari memang sedap. Memang sentiasa membuka selera walaupun rasa dah kenyang.

Dee said...

masakan mak..apapun sodap..

Adila said...

...I haven't slow down in eating since I got back to Malaysia! lol
do i need to say more? xD