Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sha: chrysanthemum itu bunga

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Pernah ku mencuba terima seadanya
Sayang ia selalu calarkan sudut hati ku
Hingga lelah jiwa ku dikecewa
Yang tak mungkin berpaling kembali
Namun ku yakinkan nanti
Tuhan pasti beri gantinya
- Bunga by Exist

You might be wondering what is happening to my love story. Frosted Chrysanthemum seems to be hanging there; just like the story of Arief, my chef scandal.

For some reasons, my love stories are like clothes in laundry shop. They have hangers. Sometimes I dry cleaned them, sometimes I bleached them, and most of the time I washed them. Keeping them was difficult - maybe because of my lack of skill in doing so or this laundry shop stories are purely mine:)

I have drafted the stories about me and Sepet in that room but there were so many things which have drawn me from posting it yet. Wait...auditors are coming at 10 a.m today to destroy me; let's just pray that I will be able to go through this successfully. That way I will be able to draw some fresh air into my lungs instead of a Dunhill in blue colour box:P

Okay...okay...what happened to Sepet? Sepet is a kumbang and I'm the bunga kekwa. We called it chrysanthemum in English and people always use that for sirih junjung in the old days. I mean, these days things are more English -like. I personally prefer orchid than anything. But then again when I look at the hantaran these days, they are not like the ones during my parents' time.

Where chrysanthemum was the bright yellow, white, red and purple flower used in hantaran. Where the hantaran was classical and tough as chrysanthemum won't require that much of attention compared to the roses and hydrangeas on the sirih junjung on most of the modern weddings.

Right. Get my point so far?

Kumbang will always be the same.
But the flower?

Roses requires attention.
Gerbera requires support.
Orchid requires money.

Chrysanthemum? Just some sponge water with a bit of care. The beauty is moderate and the colours are common.

But it's still a flower. Don't you agree?

Sepet is the kumbang. Sha is the bunga. Bunga kekwa.

But kumbang has options. Do you think Sepet loves Sha, folks?


t.a.c.a said...

dont give up.. i think he loves you~

rooney said...

ko pun boleh buat pilihan sendiri. pikir betul2. aku doakan ko dapat pilihan yang terbaik. InsyaAllah. take care sha. miss u..

papabear said...

yup! never never never give up on things that you want to have :)

Dee said...

erk..jgnlah ada rebounce relationship plak..x bestnya..