Wednesday, December 01, 2010

sha: frosted chrysanthemum

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Jangan pernah kau katakan
Bahwa cintaku terlarang
Karena tak ada yang tahu
Arti cinta sesungguhnya
- Terus - terang by Radja

It was raining and I was wearing my pinkish baju kurung. It was chiffon so when the fabric got wet, I got mad.

My mind was focusing too much on the most important event of the year. Audit. I hated auditors. They were the most annoying visitors that you have to meet. When they were coming, you had to greet them, prepare a place for them. They used their nose to sneeze and sniff, they used their eyes to see and stare, and they used their mouth to demand and gave sarcastic comments.

Hahaha. I just made suicidal comments over there! Most of my friends were/are auditors. And I...nearly became one:P

Filings. Process Flows. Documents. Everything was scattered in my head. Prioratising work was damn difficult but needed and emotional argument was damn irritating. Things weren't going my way yesterday. I was frowning, scowling and swearing at the same time.

It was when I entered my room when my assistant approached me and said, "Ada orang call. Nama dia F**** and dia tunggu dekat receptionist."

I was caught off-guard. My mouth was silent. If it was gaping, I couldn't prevent others from seeing it. Shocked was the actual feeling; denial was how I reflected the whole situation. Habislah!

So, I dragged my feet and walked towards the receptionist area. When the girl saw me, she immediately stood up and said...

"Cik" and she pointed her thumb towards the sofa behind me.

There he was. The blue shirt was not something I accustomed to see - it must be new or he bought it when he was not with me. His looks changed a lot - he was no longer a fair guy; clearly the sun has given him a Malay colour instead of Chinese. He must've smoked a lot - his teeth are the evidence for it. And...he has gained some weight. Nevertheless, his apperance had never changed - the shirt is pressed and clean. That was what I liked about him.

Okay...okay...this is not about falling in love again. No. I remind you...if you're expecting for something romantic, this is not the time.

"Hi ex.." and he smiled broadly. As if nothing happened between us. Or if something happened, it was not the bitter one. It was as if we were rekindling on good memories. Sharkssssss!!! (because I couldn't say shit)

"Hi F****," and I smiled back. I looked at the wonderous face around me. And the busy body ones. They were too eager to be our audience.

"Nadia, bilik meeting kosong?" I asked the receptionist who clearly amazed by the whole situation. Sha, the most undesirable person in the office is receiving a male guest. And he was calling her....ex???

"Come...let's go into the meeting room," I said.

And his smile was getting broader when he realised that we were going to be alone...

***to be continued***


Dee said...

alamak..saspennya..x sabar nk tgu next entry..btw..we at my office now..hates auditors too..huhuhu..

t.a.c.a said...

ohhh my godd~!!!!

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

lor.. mr S***t kembali laie ke??

Šĥű© said...

boleh tak..
tak nak baca sambungan dia... tapi nak tahu ending? :D
waa.. berdebar debar baca ni...

papabear said...

yet another romantic drama by Sha! ada plan nak jadi producer? take care ya and see you around :)

mier@merr said...

adakah dia itu seperti yang kak linda nyatakn di atas?

Cik Qemm said...

ish kak sha ni org tgh sonok2 ni die nk smbg pulak..