Thursday, December 16, 2010

sha: gelang tebal, baju bling-bling

Originally uploaded by hey zeena !
Malam bulan purnama
Tiada hati dirundung duka
Kita bersenda gurau bersama
Riang-ria gembira
Dengan cahaya sinaran rang bulan
Itu semua pengalaman
- Jauh di Mata by Ella

I have been wondering:

When I went to a government's office just now, I was looking at a woman who was wearing a gold beaded organza shirt. She was talking to her colleague who was performing her duty for me.

She was...
Asking on how to calculate her overtime.
Asking where did she wanted to go for lunch.
Asking about the latest trend of her tudung.

A transaction which supposed to take 10 minutes the most dragged to 20 minutes.

Good. Very good.

"Bersama membangun negara."

Yes. Absolutely.

I looked at her thick bangle and I was wondering about the amount of her overtime hours. Wow...she must be rich. Or hardworking. For I do not get overtime for sleeping in the office.

But that is fine. I don't mind. It's okay.

The bangle is hers - her rezeki - Alhamdulillah.
The gold beaded organza shirt is hers - her money - Alhamdulillah.

But my time is mine.
Efficiency is mine.
Outcome and results is mine.

In which circumstances did she failed to understand that?
Couldn't she find other time to talk to her colleague?


* I was listening to this song in the the rain. The crease on my forehead is making me old song neh?


mier@merr said...

mak saya suka lagu jauh di mata tu...

huhu.... kitorg tade overtime pn..keje lebey masa juge..

atty's said...

lagu tu mmg besh..kty sendiri pun sukak

kira besh le ada gak ot..
kty kalo keje lebih masa mana ada ot..:(

Dee said...

tu akak pelik ngan org keje gomen ni..kdg melaram mcm gaji dorang besau kan..mungkin suami dorang yg gaji besau.. said...

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