Saturday, December 18, 2010

sha: lelaki itu...

I looked at his face as we dove in the ocean. There he was; all muscular and sexy. His smile would definitely made the turtles swoon. His grin was fantastic - any Dory or Nemo would certainly cried with joy.

Oh, he was too sexy. Too masculine. The dream of every woman in the world. The fantasy of every female creature including a hen and a mare. They said that he was perfect. He was too macho to be true. He was the purest gentleman you could have ever met!

But only one girl opposed to the statements. Her name is Sha. Sha Cheryna Pires. A girl whom people would describe as...

The Big. The Fat. The Abnoxious.

Wait. Why was a fat girl saying all that? Who was she anyway? Tak sedar diri ke? I mean, a thousand girls were saying that he was the best catch ever.

But then again..what will you do if you're in this position:

He had 25 girls to choose. But he was only one man. So, within 25 weeks, he would date each and every girl in his options...

...until he finds his true love.

Do you want to be one of those folks?

Clearly, the big, fat and abnoxious Sha was opposing the idea.

But who is she talking about?


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Neeza Shahril said...

Salam Sha,

it has been ages rasanya kan.... miss you :)