Monday, January 31, 2011

sha: when a crocodile eats a blackberry 2

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...continue from Part 1.

Part 2 - Peachy Pink

Peaches and Cream
I need it cause you know that I'm a fiend (thatz right)
Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine
It's even better when it's with ice cream
Know what I mean...
- Peaches and Cream from 112

A wedding will always have the a theme these days. Most of it will represent colours, some represent culture and some represent music. Okay, we're talking about colour in this posting solely because...I have not talked about it before and since I had this issues of colours lately, why don't share it with others.

Imagine a big, fat, drum-like tummy lady. If you reckon, what will be the most suitable colour for her to wear? Choose these colours as the options:

1. Turquoise
2. Red
3. Lilac
4. Fuchsia
5. White
6. Black

Honestly, these are my favourite colours. I mean, purple have always been my most favourite, but lilac or wisteria/hydrangea shades are my favourites. If you ask me, these might be the options if I want to get married myself.

But then again, the elderly used to say, "Ukur baju di badan sendiri." Though the amount of fabric used for your kebaya or kurung or cheongsam or dresses might be the same regardless the colour, you might look big in it. Four meters for lilac baju kurung might make you look bigger compared to four meters of dark maroon baju kurung.

And fuschia makes one look girly to bitchy:P

So, the colours will play the role in the wedding. I'm not saying this only to the brides and grooms out there. I'm also saying this to their families.

Take an example of a family which consists of 6 aunties who weigh 65 kg and above. Imagine them wearing gold as a symbol of luxury. Trust me folks, if they are wearing 38D for their bras, they will certainly look luxurious, voluptuous, ridiculous and obnoxious :P

You don't want that happen to your aunties, don't you?

Unless you want to look good and you want your Makcik Bok to look ugly, bring it on! Haha...

The other factors that you should think before choosing the any colour as your wedding theme is THE MEN. Some men are too lovable, they tend to shrug off their ego for the loved ones. They won't mind wearing pink. Some young guys who have seen the macho side of Amy Search or Steven Tyler - they won't mind wearing bright colours.

But more men would want to appear colourless like Simon Cowell, or even Black Sabbath - which, if you agree with me defines the favourite colour.

Having said all this, fashion does not discriminate any colour. It is how well you present it:)

One of my cousins chose pinky peach as her wedding theme. I got mixed up the last minute because I have always thought that I had that colour in my closet. I had eventually wore "ripe peach" colour. Too bad, it was actually the colour of pink gerbera.

The other cousin was not using any colour as the theme, but they used an era...which one was it? I'll tell you later in the next posting.

What's the colour of your wedding, folks?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sha: when a crocodile eats a blackberry

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People have been asking me these questions lately:

"Sha, why are you not updating your blog?"
"What happened to your blog? The latest update was last year!"
"You're not writing anymore?"

My answer would be the 3Ws - Work, Weddings and...a Woman. Oh, don't sigh, folks! I know you hate my excuses but those were the facts. Even my Geng Bas Seremban have been complaining about our infrequent meeting in the bus. How could I say anything? I went to work with the earliest bus departed from Seremban to KL and my journey home have always been with the last train. Let's see...from audits to yearly reports and recalculations due to other people's snobbishness? I think I have covered that all;p

Alright, then. We don't want to talk about work for my first posting of the year, aren't we? So, let's talk about the other Ws. One of the reasons I have not updated my blog was because of one woman: my mum. Ibu was hospitalised twice during my absence in the blogging world and she is still under medication. If you have read my blog for quite sometime, you already knew that she possessed such influence in my writing. No ibu, no posting. My mind went blank after five hours of sitting outside the operation theatre alone. If tears could be donated, I could certainly feed several orphanages. God knew how difficult the moment was. And she knew. And she was greatful. And that matter the most.

Nevertheless, she managed to attend the third W - her niece and nephew's weddings. Alhamdulillah, she made it. Yeay! And as an obedient daughter (cewwah...see I'm lifting the heavy basket!), it was my honour to follow her command to perform for my cousins and aunties. Well, she didn't have to ask, honestly. When it was my duty, it was my duty. Full stop.

And what about the wedding?

Yup...this will be my updates. Series of it.

Are you ready to read?

I hope so.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks. Sorry I'm late:)