Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sha: when a crocodile eats a blackberry

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People have been asking me these questions lately:

"Sha, why are you not updating your blog?"
"What happened to your blog? The latest update was last year!"
"You're not writing anymore?"

My answer would be the 3Ws - Work, Weddings and...a Woman. Oh, don't sigh, folks! I know you hate my excuses but those were the facts. Even my Geng Bas Seremban have been complaining about our infrequent meeting in the bus. How could I say anything? I went to work with the earliest bus departed from Seremban to KL and my journey home have always been with the last train. Let's see...from audits to yearly reports and recalculations due to other people's snobbishness? I think I have covered that all;p

Alright, then. We don't want to talk about work for my first posting of the year, aren't we? So, let's talk about the other Ws. One of the reasons I have not updated my blog was because of one woman: my mum. Ibu was hospitalised twice during my absence in the blogging world and she is still under medication. If you have read my blog for quite sometime, you already knew that she possessed such influence in my writing. No ibu, no posting. My mind went blank after five hours of sitting outside the operation theatre alone. If tears could be donated, I could certainly feed several orphanages. God knew how difficult the moment was. And she knew. And she was greatful. And that matter the most.

Nevertheless, she managed to attend the third W - her niece and nephew's weddings. Alhamdulillah, she made it. Yeay! And as an obedient daughter (cewwah...see I'm lifting the heavy basket!), it was my honour to follow her command to perform for my cousins and aunties. Well, she didn't have to ask, honestly. When it was my duty, it was my duty. Full stop.

And what about the wedding?

Yup...this will be my updates. Series of it.

Are you ready to read?

I hope so.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, folks. Sorry I'm late:)


cikpepel said...

akhirnya! mis u sis.

Adila said...

YES! ready to read teheeeee~

Waja Replacement said...

nice blog! keep up the good works!!

Ian Mess said...

hey how u doing.

happy new year and all the best in life always.

u deserve it and better still to come.

can see tht u are still the strong girl as u ever been.

salam from afar~ ^^

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Salam Sha,

Moga ibu sihat dan terus jadi inspirasi untuk Sha terus menulis.
Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 dan tahun Baru Cina.