Sunday, July 10, 2011

sha: aaron aziz itu bersih

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It was Friday. And I shouldn't be cursing. I knew that but I still did that. Deep in my heart, I never regretted the fact that my former assistant, Ms. Joyah left the company for good. Alhamdulillah, my integrity, regardless how much it has been tarnished by her private interest, is still being protected.

But still, I needed space to do my work. No, not working space. Thanks to the effort of smart spending by my employers, I was having a cozy place of my own. I bought two pots of anthurium to make it a bit more at home. It was just that...maybe I needed some adjustment at a new place. It has been too hectic on Friday. Papers flew everywhere, I didn't receive good comment from my superiors, and I needed to adjust several things before I headed to Jalan Duta to pay the tax.

And...Pusat Pungutan Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri was only in Jalan Duta.(why was that?!!!) I was from Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz (if you don't know where it is, I'll tell you. It was situated near Jalan Tun Razak, just a small road to accomodate one of the tallest buildings in KL, and where some stupid drivers forget about speed limit). Okay...I was not even close to Jalan Duta, that was exactly my point.

I managed to reach there on time regardless the heavy traffic. In my head I thought that the heavy traffic was because of it was a nature of Friday, where some companies only worked half day. I met this nice lady who talked about her nice work schedule that morning. I thought I should be jealous with more people that day, considering the heavy traffic. "Maybe there was more than one company which practised the half day on Friday," I told myself.

There were too many people over there but LHDN was surprisingly prepared. They did things smoothly compared to the other days. Afterwards, I went to the office in KL Sentral to pick up some documents. I felt strange. It was as if something was wrong somewhere. But I just couldn't figured it out. Maybe I was just being emotional. I knew for a fact that I wanted to rush home but couldn't, so I became grumpy.

One of my kindest aunt suddenly called me and said, "Regardless whether you have tonnes of work to do, or nothing to do, just go home safely. Forget about staying back."

And I suddenly remember the Indhira Gandhi wannabe. Oh yeah, I better go home before things got worse. Regardless it was Brickfields or Kampung Baru, I shouldn't stay at this suffocating place. KL has never been my place and never will. Only a place to work. From my point of view, people could be narrow minded even though they were in the midst of modernisation.

So, I went home, with pile of papers to look forward during the weekend. It was 6pm and I knew I could reach Seremban before 9.00 p.m. I was not a Malay drama freak but recently I had diverted that stigma. Maybe it was because of Kabir Bathia's nice pictures or perhaps I was suddenly emerged from the underground and be one of those in the main stream.

Or else, I was a lunatic. Over an actor called Aaron Aziz.

Tahajjud Cinta. Well, TV3 only showed Aaron for few seconds but I believe the girls out there would agree with me that those seconds were the most precious ones! Trust me, I felt that way about my favourite actor. I, who hated Yusof Haslam's work of art, used to watch Janji Diana at RTM for the sake of watching Aaron Aziz.

I did not managed to watch Nora Elena as you did, folks. There was another love of my life which needed my attention called work. But I knew for sure that if I reached home early that day, I could watch Aaron. I could, I could, I could!!!

But after several hours of waiting for the bus which normally had 15 minutes SLA for waiting time, I queued for almost 2 damn hours at Central Market. I had established frustration, anger and hate all at the same time. Central Market used to be fun in the evening, I loved the baskers but I didn't see them that night. There were no beggars as well...and I still asked myself why.

It was until someone ignited words of provocation when we saw buses full of passengers.

"Stupid la the government...yada...yada..yada...."

And I felt like screaming, "You morons, look what you're doing to me instead! No chance of watching Aaron tonight!!!"

Could they be more civilised? The man was a lawyer but he was playing dumb. And I was wondering why was he so ugly. If he looked like Aaron pun tak apa jugak... could I support you?

Aaaahh...the internet.

Smiled. Takpelah Aaron. Maybe we should wait for to be updated kot.

Twinge of sadness filled my heart when I only managed to watch the last few seconds of the drama. Seconds. Hmm...nak buat macam mana...

Maybe some people could not relate the meaning of peace and watching your idols. Like how I fancy watching Aaron Aziz. Do you know how hard it was for me? Until recently, I had to wait to watch Aaron in dramas or movies. He was not new to the industry but you had to pay attention! Like when he acted in Karma Salina. The role was small but enough to make a fan happy!

Like me.

When I wanted to close my eyes that night, I remember the night when I bumped into A. Samad Said at KL Sentral. I was on the way back from work when I saw a man with white long hair. I thought I was dreaming of seeing one of the Sasterawan Negara whom I adored.

But it made sense when I got to know that he was involved in the unsuccessful BERSIH which effected my day on Friday. It didn't change the fact that I loved his art but should I put that in words? far, is bersih. I like him regardless the gossips.

But will it stay long? I hope it would. Keep up the good work Aaron! Remain bersih:)

Next entry: I'll write about Aaron as my wallpaper:)


Šĥű© said...

PJ pun block sana sini jalan, i stay kat rumah jee the whole day while BERSIH take part. haha

Kengkawan said...

heiii lama x dgr cerita

I became an ardent fan since noraElena:)

yep.. so far he's bersih.
(hope he stays that way too)

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Nasib baik tak perlu tempuh kesesakan tu, kalau tak, confirm angin tak dapat balik awal.