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sha: aaron aziz is a gay?

Hudhu JambrolOriginally uploaded by Holhibolhi
I wouldn't wanna be anybody else.
You made me insecure,
Told me I wasn't good enough.
But who are you to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough.
I'm sure you got some things
You'd like to change about yourself.
But when it comes to me,
I wouldn't wanna be anybody else.
- Who Say? by Selena Gomez

There was one black and white picture of Aaron which intrigued me. I was down and I felt like boosting my confidence. So, I carefully clicked on the picture and set it as my laptop background.

The picture was not that obvious. It showed half of his face and if you looked at it, you would see a normal picture of a man. Like an FB picture.

1. Man with a Blusher

"Siapa tu?" he asked.

"Boyfriend Sha."

Chuck...chuck...chuckle!!! The man's face turned red. His ears too.

"Tinggi sangat taste you tu," he said good naturedly.

"Memanglah. He is Aaron Aziz!"

"Laaaa...Tadi kata boyfriend?"

"In my dream."

"Dream jelah..." chuck..chuck...chuckle!

"See, that's exactly the point. Kalau I kata I nak kat you, amacam?"

"Hah? Apa pulak!" he blushed.

"And that was my sentiment. Orang macam Aaron tu dah biasa orang minat. Biar I cakap I girlfriend dia pun, I'm sure he knows how to handle la. What if I cakap I minat you?"

He gulped.

"Hahahahaha...that's why you bukan boyfriend I! You tak cool la. I'm sure kalau I cakap kat Aaron I minat dia, he won't mind punya. I nak tangkap gambar dengan dia pun, I don't think he would mind la. Cuba I kata I nak tangkap gambar dengan you, you nak?"

Blushed. Red...crimson red this time.

"Come on. Takkan girlfriend you mengadap gambar you sepanjang masa? A girl must have a preference. Perhaps, I'm free to do it openly because I'm single and available. Given option, I'm sure girlfriend you pun boleh letak gambar orang lain jadi laptop background instead of your picture."

Blushed deep.


"Apasal? Just because it was laptop picture, you bajet dia ni target I ke? And you gelak sebab I ni hodoh? Tak padan?"

A prawn looked better than him.

"Kan?" I pushed further more.

"You pun tak cukup handsome nak jadi background laptop I..." I was chuck...chuck...chuckling!!!

"'re so mean."

"Adil la sikit. You pun, at one time, used to put a picture of Kim Kardashian as your Blackberry background. If your girlfriend was too pretty, ikut spec habis, gambar Kim K tu takde dekat situ."

And I could tell that he was flushing to the roots of his thin hair.

Amik kau.

2. The Straight Like a Ruler Guy

"Wooooo...siapa tu?!" the guy asked me.

"Boyfriend aku."

"Hahahaha....kau ni Sha..." he laughed.

"Gelak pulak. Betullah ni."

" mamat dalam tv nieh...siapa nama dia?" he grinned.

"Aaron Aziz!"

"Haaaa...Aaron Aziz. Mamat ni kau minat Sha?" he chided.

"Yup! Ada apa prob?"

"Dia gay kau tau tak!" he said.

"Gay?! Dahla nak kelentong gua yang ni agak-agak sikit. Dah kawen, bini lawa, anak dua orang. Gay?!" I sounded defensive but obviously that accusation was overboard!

"Aku taulah, Sha. Artis-artis ni punya cerita, semua aku tau..." huh berlagak betul! The smug smile was making me frown.



"Bro, tanya sikitlah...Jangan marah bro ek..." I changed my tone.

"Hmmm...kau nak tanya apa. Tanyalah." The proud tone was still there. I loathed it.

"Kau pernah kahwin kan?"


"Anak dua kan?"


"Kau gay ke bro?" I asked carefully.

"Eh, apa kau merepek ni, Sha?!"

"Yelah. Aku tanya je. Mana tau, kan bro. Kau cakap tadi, orang dah kawen pon boleh jadi gay. Ada anak boleh jadi gay. Kau ni jambu, putih...agak-agak gay tak?"

He was speechless.

"Jap...aku ada gambar Aaron lagi nieh...jap ek...kau tengok nieh.."

I clicked on the picture of Aaron in Ombak Rindu. The picture of topless Aaron and Maya Karin in kain batik.

"Peerggghh..." he sighed.

"Peerrrgghhh...machonye Aaron?" I teased him.

"Tuh, perempuan tu lah...aku tak cakap Aaron."

"Silap tu. Kalau kau dah kawen, ada anak, ada bini, boleh jadi gay gak. So, dangerous ni, gambar ni...kau boleh horny tengok Aaron nieh...bahaya...aku tutup dulu ye." I closed the windows.

I could see the murderous look in his eyes.

Hahahaha...amik kau!!!!


This posting is dedicated to my friends who have been the victims of nasty words. I know how hard it is to be in your shoes because your shoes are also my shoes, dearest. Let's put it this way, nobody would ever stop making fun of you until you close your eyes for the last time! They will only apologise during Hari Raya or they won't!

But do you have to give up? Why do you have to cry? Why do have to say yes to whatever they were saying. Learn. If you can't say anything, just say Alhamdulillah!

Melodi asked Aaron about that "gay" accusation and he answered that very nicely. Can we just learn how to be calm?

At least that's one good thing we should follow.

I was gaping in front of tv when it happened. Mum teased me, "Aaron Aziz in Melodi? At last!"

I have been waiting for that day to come - I watched Melodi (when I normally watched something else) and Aaron was a subject.

Bintang Paling Popular next perhaps?

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