Sunday, July 24, 2011

sha: aku yang kau tinggalkan

Aku Yang Kau TinggalkanAku Yang Kau Tinggalkan by Alina Haizar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zaril Ikhwan bin Zahari. The moment I wrote this name as my Facebook status, I expected results. Sad to say, I received none. It was not as glamorous as Muhammad Seth Tan from Kasih Yang Suci a.k.a Nora Elena.

I couldn't blame anyone for it. It was fair. There were too many Malay novels in the market, so people have more to choose. I was not a Malay novel reader myself and considering that I had frustration with several books I read before this, it was fair for me to stop reading Malay books.

But I gave my last shot. I needed a book with more research, something which could teach me something. Something which I could read during my 140km journey to work! And...definitely a book with less embarrassing title! I was not a sentimental type, therefore reading a sentimental book would definitely make me a laughingstock:)

Surprisingly, despite a negative remarks on the title (well, my friends did laughed about the "jiwang" Aku Yang Kau Tinggalkan), I just couldn't be bothered. I liked the fact that most of the stuff I read from the book was logical. I loved the part when Italy was not just a story but facts that I should read.

And I was impressed with the part that when the characters were not necessarily have to be rich, handsome and smart. I mean, I hated cliches. And this book showed me different views, from the rich-and-famous views to the "unwanted ones" views. I loved the fact that similarities did not portrait a good relationship. Macam Melayu selalu sebut, "engkau enggang...aku pipit..." This was not the case at all!!!

And Zaril Ikhwan was not perfect! Yes, I loved this. I loved the part when he made wrong decisions as well. My first impression was not being met at all, and I loved the surprises the author had created for a reader like me. A hero without flaws was what I expected but I had been given a surprise in a gold platter:)

The only part which could be improved was the ending. It was too easy, too much of conversation and less action. I would love to highlight this since I believe that if we transform this book into a sequel or a movie like the other novels, then the ending will be too boring. When the other parts have been written beautifully, this part should be the most crucial one.

I think this should be it for now. (sorry Ms. Author, the comment is in English because I'm posting this review in my blog!) I trust there will be more creative and beautiful work from you in the future.

And I sincerely hope that Zaril Ikhwan will beat Mr. Muhammad Seth Tan one day:)


sonata anak kancil said...

dah lama tak baca novel....

cikpepel said...

mcm best...blh cari neh..skng nga baca saat kau kata mcm slow sket...agak bosan...

Amieynna said...

oh my sha..
lama nye kite xjengur ur blog..
kite tukar email untuk blogger n sume blog yg kite follow hilang..

a kl citizen said...

my impression on malay novels is similar to yours.

macam best pulak baca review ni ya. tapi, still the plot is all about love story ke?