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sha: angry bird - looking heroes

Angry Birds by Flamingo Toes
Angry Birds, a photo by Flamingo Toes on Flickr.

I've been reading Malay story books recently, folks. Thanks to Nora Elena, my mum is now addicting herself to Malay books. Well, it's a lame excuse, I know. I mean, it's not necessarily that my mum is reading the book, I should be reading it too. But, surprisingly, I'm reading it at my own free will:)

But, it's different this time. When I was 20, Zainal Arief used to be my flawless hero. I mean, he was perfect in every sense. I daydreamed about him and couldn't focus when it came to him. I saw one guy at the cafeteria and wished it was him. I was hopeless romantic!

Now, at the age of almost 30, I'm finding more flaws in the hero characters. For example, take a character called Seth Tan in Kasih Yang Suci. I mean, my typical Malay tongue would surely called him Setan instead of Seth and Tan:)

Luckily, Aaron Aziz saved the name. I mean, in normal circumstances, I would laughed and shrugged the whole episode off. Instead, because Aaron was Seth Tan, I started the pronounce Seth fluently without ever failed to do it and call him Setan:)

Yes, fictional characters were full of mysteries. When we were young, less Malay novels were transformed into movies and dramas. There was no Cekodok Cinta, Tsunami Rindu or 1,2,3 Op Ba Tin! or even Normah Alijah. So, we didn't know whether the character looked like P. Ramlee, Nordin Ahmad, Hail Amir or Hamid Gurkha. We were depending on the magical words to describe the heroes.

Most heroes would have nice eyebrows. Thick and dark. I mean, less women would prefer guys who tweak his eyebrows. Eyebrows is the symbol of masculinity. And if a handsome and macho character is about to be described, he must not have the eyebrows like Erra Fazira.

Why is that?

Okay...let's see what the internet is saying about thick eyebrows:

"...tertarik terhadap tindakan dan pengembaraan dan tidak setia, sukar mempunyai perhubungan kekal dengan pasangan satu saja."

Yelah. Most fictional heroes were former playboys. Take an example of Irfan Ikmal in Stanza Cinta:)

And...most of the heroes, regardless how patient, is a jealous type. So...the eyebrows must be connected to each other. Or, like the Malays always describe, "Kening bertaut".

Lastly, the deep set eyes would require a nice and shapely eyebrows to accommodate the perfection. In Malay, w would called this "Kening Melengkung." Theoritically, this determines the sexual behaviour. The internet described this as...

"...sangat suka hal-hak seks dan sensual..."

There you have it. Call him Seth Tan, or Zaril Ikhwan, or Badrul or Benz Alif...whoever! He is your hero. Unless the TV describe him as Aaron Aziz, Farid Kamil, or Shaheizy Sam...he would have the similar description for eyebrows.

Okay. Let's imagine if we don't have tv or the producers have never thought of adapting a novel into a movie. Our imagination will be too abstract. Remember Harry Potter? Well, though the book is nicer but we couldn't help enjoying the tangible version of its movies.

Same goes to Seth Tan. Or Irfan Ikhmal.

If there is no drama, then they will resemble...


Where the eyebrows are thick, attached and deep set:)

Scary isn't it?

Well, thanks film producers!

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