Sunday, August 28, 2011

diary ramadhan sha: boyfriend raya

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1st June 2008 - I wrote about my trip to Aquaria and how happy I was to finally managed to cover one of my wishes in my wishlist. Then I also mentioned in my posting that besides Aquaria, I also went to one of my favourite places - Popular BookFest @ KLCC. At that time, my father was hopitalised and I took some time off to get some books to read while I was accompanying him.

14th June 2008 - I wrote about Cadbury Purple Reign the book that I have bought during the BookFest. Cadbury Purple Reign was an accident; I did not plan to buy it but since it was one of the kind, I bought it without regret. I called the book -"my precious" in my blog posting that day.

28th August 2011 - I read The Star this morning when my mum made a smiley request for me to read the books section. Well, actually she was asking me to read about an article written by an acquaintance, Daphne Lee, whom I met during British Council's Share Reading. I ended up reading the whole newspaper. And Kosmo too (well, they are showing the picture of Remy Ishak and Khairy Jamaludin (no my ex named Khairi ye...that one erased history already!). Thanks knew how to make my day. That was the first page she showed me this morning! (who said my mum was not encouraging my interest? And who said I didn't have any preference. I did. I liked tall dark and handsome ones, trust me).

I let a gasp of exasperation when I saw that there were articles of book sale this week. Damn. MPH with their MPH Distributor Warehouse Sale, Popular with their BookFest@Malaysia and BookXcess with 4th Year Anniversary Promotion. Thanks...I was being thankful about not having to go to KL for a week and look at how my mental was being abused this morning!

Arrrrggghhh...this is ridiculous!

I was dwelling with lots of emotions this morning. budget was not for books only. In fact, I have set those aside for 5 books from BooksforCharity. I need to complete my Emily Giffin and Jeanne Ray's collection. And I have put a mental note about asking Kak Ida whether I can book another 5 that I've selected for my September's budget (well, I don't want to bug her, she is moving house and it's raya soon) Popular, don't tell me you're selling 3 chic lit books for RM29.90 only. Guess what? You're unlucky cause I already got some of the books you're selling!

It's going to be raya soon and as a well bred Negri Sembilan lady, I should be focusing on food shopping. I called my sickly uncle yesterday and he already asked me about what I'm going to serve him for raya. I should be focusing on that. I should also be focusing on the food that I'm going to cook for my brothers who apparently in a jovial mood this year.

I need to concentrate on food.

I sat on my bedroom's floor, reading Cadbury Purple Reign again. Then I glanced at the hampers that my dad has received yesterday. Well, book shopping was not that bad la, still have the books from BooksforCharity, Yes, you bought 8 books and you read 3 but that doesn't mean you can't reread your books!

And who would've the time to read during Raya?
My mum will definitely kill me. Hehehe.

Nevertheless, I could never stopped daydreaming.

Of a purple hamper with gold trimmings. The content? Cadbury chocolates. With Onward from Howard Shultz as the main character. I know it's odd. Cadbury chocolate and Starbucks CEO's book in one wrap...but who cares? The Help from Kathryn Stockett will be a nice addition:P

or a pink hamper with white orchids which consisted of Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer, Be Sweet by Diann Hunt, Souvenir by Theresa Fowler, Things Worth Remembering by Jackina Stark, The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross, It's All About Him by Collete Caddle, and You Don't Have to Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning.

Gatallah Shaaaaaa:P

But my birthday is in October. Patut cari boyfriend tak raya nieh? Hehe.
I think I gave the hint already:P


Tie said...

Selamat hari raya, Sha... Maaf zahir batin dari Kak tie..

cikpepel said...

pagi cari suami...agak2 ada kat pasar borong selayang...beli lah seketul...hehe