Thursday, August 11, 2011

diary ramadhan sha: pengat strawberry

Strawberries by Sara's Kitchen
Strawberries, a photo by Sara's Kitchen on Flickr.
"Ruth loves to bake cakes. When she is alone, she dreams up variations on recipes. When she meditates, she imagines herself in the warm, comforting center of a gigantic bundt cake. If there is a crisis, she bakes a cake; if there is a reason to celebrate, she bakes a cake. Ruth sees it as an outward manifestation of an inner need to nurture her family—which is a good thing, because all of a sudden that family is rapidly expanding."
- a book synopsis : Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray

As I was contemplating with my options in BooksforCharity, I reminded myself of the things that I wanted to have during Ramadan. For instant, security, safety and good health. Things are going weird these days. Five years ago, when I was working in a UK company, I was cursed by one of my customers who called me "chocolate people". It happened on Merdeka Day. Since I was serving UK customers, I had to work even when it was a Malaysian public holiday.

Well, I signed the contract. Being cursed was part of the job.
And at time...I didn't know that London is going to be this bad.

So, when I received negative remarks at work yesterday, I was devastated. But I had also reminded myself that in the month of Ramadan, the challenges are greater and the burden is heavier. I kept thinking of the good things. Like the new books that I have chosen for myself.

And, I also thought of rewarding myself. There was this stall in the bazaar near my house which sold the caramel cake and cheese cake. I envied the seller for being so passionate about the things that she did and her courage to sell a non-typical bazaar's food. She looked so happy when she was explaining about the good way of eating the cakes. And I was impressed of seeing the cakes that she sold - she had buyers and they looked happy buying those cakes of hers.

While feeding the cake into my mouth yesterday, I couldn't help thinking about the weird recipes that I have seen throughout Ramadan. Apparently the lady's cake was a caramel pudding cake, so the layer of caramel pudding heighten the taste of the cake.

So, that was the cake. And I'm a conventional person.

My favourite is pengat. After viewing 5 rencah 5 rasa last week, I am craving for pengat strawberry. I can't wait for this weekend. I'm going to buy those ingredient for pengat and eat as much as I can!!!

Just replace the banana with strawberry. Di mana bumi ku pijak, di situ langit ku junjung.
Malaysian style:)

How do you think the taste will be, folks?Is it going to be as tasty as the Caramel Pudding Strawberry Cake I ate yesterday?

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Pocket said...

banana is sweet,
strawberry is sour (and sweet of course)
i would say it wont taste that good..
but u can prove me wrong.

getting shot while working is one of the nature's of work. so hang in there sis, let the sugar of the caramel cake fill u to the fullest.
they say high sugar content in blood makes u relax more.