Wednesday, August 10, 2011

diary ramadhan sha: puki

Sleepy Tuto by Lizette Greco
Sleepy Tuto, a photo by Lizette Greco on Flickr.

Puki. Puki. Puki.

For some reason, you love to sleep during Ramadan more than you love to sleep in Muharram, Safar, Syawal...or Bawal....

And like other sleepy person on earth, I crave for pillow. So, instead of talking about coconut, I force myself to write about my sleepiness.

Unfortunately, the picture of pillow in Flickr was related to another word.


Join group Puki Puki Play

I rubbed my eyes several times. I didn't read it wrongly. True enough, there is a word Puki in another language.

So, I used Google to check on the word Puki.

Well, you can guess my findings. But never in my wildest dream will I see a person name Puki.


Then if the person comes to Malaysia, how am I going to call her without being fired?

"Hai Puki...nama saya Sha....Puki apa khabar? Sihat? Puki nak makan apa? Sosej? Okay...Sosej ada kat sana."

Arrggghhhh...can't imagine that right?

I'm just too sleepy, I guess. Beter get my sleep now.

And close my ears. I heard lots of Pukis today. They were not calling one's name. People still curse. Even if it is Ramadan.


a kl citizen said...

Harap-harap nama normah tiada membawa maksud lucah ... :)

Pocket said...

pocket manusia yang jarang jarang mencarut, bila tgk perkataan sebegini kat blog sha, mula terpikir..
kamu mencarut?

cuba ubah hejaan.. Pookey ker..

anyway.. pas ni ramai yang tersangkut di blog sha bila mereka google up 'Puki'

~ Cik Azz ~ said...


Really hate to say that word... Mujur takde penambahan 'mak' at the back of that word... huhuhu..

Nasib baik nama akak ada makna yang bagus.. :-)

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

ahaks~ ada ke org nak bubuh nma mcm tu eik?? apa pun kita xtau kan.. mungkin ada.. ^^

Dee said...

tulah..ingatkan sha mencarut tadi..pelik..