Tuesday, August 09, 2011

diary ramadhan sha: telur siapa masin?

salted egg by marsmelow
salted egg, a photo by marsmelow on Flickr.
For some people, Ramadan means talking about food when you can't have food. Check out your Facebook. How many of us are inspired to write their status based on food?

" Hari ini emak masak kari ayam, kailan goreng ikan masin, telur dadar. Desert pulak kuih lopes dengan pengat pisang. Disertai dengan sirap selasih. Ada katira jugak. Buka puasa dengan keluarga penuh keberkatan."


"Akan ke bazaar Ramadhan pada hari ini. Target: beli tepung pelita Makcik Kemek dekat hujung simpang!"


"Bilalah aku boleh berbuka air soya buatan Daud ni? Lambat lagi nak habis office hour."

Hadoiyai. If you compare the amount of posting like this during Ramadan and other days, you can tell the difference. Ramadan seems to be the time to talk about food. Regardless whether there are more interesting topics out there or not, we just can't take our mind off food. We gossip about food more than we gossip about another human being. As if food wears short skirt. Yelah, during other time, when you want to gossip, you check out the first lady who is wearing short skirt.

"Eh...pendeknya skirt dia. Mak dia tak ajar ke pakai sopan-sopan?"

but in Ramadan you tend to say...

"Kau tau tak...aritu aku pergi kedai Makcik Kemek dekat hujung simpang, tepung pelita dia tak sedap langsung! Hambar!"

Laaaa...pity that tepung pelita. Or pity Mak Cik Kemek. Or pity you for discounting your "pahala puasa." Hehehe.

Trust me. You can have this in Facebook, folks. Early in the morning, when boss is not coming to work yet, you can chat with your friend about the food that you ate during buka yesterday. And without you realising it, if you compare to the time when you were gossiping about Milah, you are now spending for food gossiping. Hurrayyyy!!!

The tab at the corner of your Facebook screen is tempting enough for you to gossip. About what? Food, of course. Here goes the updates. 1,2,3 messages - and if you're slow in replying, you will receive the message in your inbox:)

7.00 p.m - you log on to your Facebook while waiting for the azan. What will you see? Pick a guess:

a. A status stating - "AKU LAPAR!"
b. A picture showing the dishes that somebody bought from the bazaar.
c. An invitation for Iftar by ex=schoolmates, all discussing food.
d. All of the above.

In the world of modern technology...the challenge that you're facing each day is in your own Facebook. Just at your fingertips.

But how about a simple status like this?

Sha Cheryna Pires: Telur Masin

What will you think? What will you comment?

Don't tell me you're going to comment, "telur siapa masin?"

Double meaning statement is definitely a no-no.

Selamat Berpuasa, folks. I'll continue my diary tomorrow. We talk about kelapa ditebuk orang:)


Dee said...

status pun ikut musim..hehehe..

Pocket said...

that is why u posted about u being sleepy this morning? :D

lets have one month of restraining from different sexes.
put it in November every year.

malaysia will be divided by 4 state.
The male will be in kedah n perlis,
the female will be in johor melaka..
the Pondan will be in kl,
the Penkid will be in kelantan,

what do u think people will post about in their FB Status? humm humm