Thursday, August 18, 2011

diary ramadhan sha: strawberry cheesecake icecream

When my friend, Syura Aziz sent an invitation for Iftar with my college mates, I couldn't resist the temptation to say yes. I have left UNITEN 6 years ago without flying colours and I have not met most of my college mates since. Except...well, during some weddings, there was not that much of chance to meet each other.

The mediocre examination result, regardless how some people perceived it, produced a degree. That degree eventually bloomed the opportunities. Well, even though some might say that I am a nobody, I won't take my achievement lightly. Some said that I was from a private uni, it was not accredited and my pointer was not good enough. Apparently my employment history did not approved so. Alhamdulillah, I found jobs in three MNCs and one major GLC despite the criticism.:)

And...Alhamdulillah, regardless the reputation of IPTS student that we bore before this, my friends were accomplished people. Name it....auditors, lecturers, accountants, executives, analysts, engineers...they were all came from the same classes and uni. We even got one politician from UNITEN!

I looked at my friends and I realised that most of us have changed. We might not be best friends before, but the ones who came last night were mostly single and successful in our own career. At least we have something in common. I smiled at the way we talked and the topics we chose. If our issues were about text books and lecturers and study loans when we were students, the topics have swiveled to current issues when we're adults. Yes, I like this intellectual, yet full of humor conversation!

And for once in my me, I felt intelligent.

Maybe that was because I joined the intelligent group. The people who have traveled and experienced lots of things. I have recognized the way I had changed recently. I came to a conclusion that I was not the same person before I met my friends just now. There were too many stupid incidents happened around me lately and I didn't know whether I have dealt with it with brain.

Let's read one of the sms that I have received this evening:

"Ko ada hantar selamat hari raya thru email ker?...Aku perasan tadi photo ko masa kat janda baik. Saloma cut paste kot....Tulis selamat hari raya dari annie....Betul ker ko yg hantar?"

Folks, I was lucky to have friends today! If indeed someone edited my picture, made joke out of it and sent it through e-mail, I had handled it well. I had a fun time with my friends today. Yes, the ques to Chilly's was too long for me to wait. And I just couldn't stand the stomach growling. But we also had good times and laughter when we were at Haagen Dasz; while we were waiting for spaces in Chilly's.

...And I had a good taste of Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream.

When I received that sms, my head was dizzy and I couldn't see my way to Kinokuniya. I sensed that I couldn't concentrate on books that much just now. Not because I felt down, but it was because I tried to make myself smarter. If I jumped at the provocation, I would definitely fell into the stupid trap in Ramadan!

Everything went well during iftar. I loved the way friends were talking about their work, their traveling experience, the issues in UK or even the food and our former lecturers. Those were the things I need to keep myself positive. I knew for a fact that those stupid action was made by stupid people and I was not one of those.

I have friends. The smart ones. They taught me on how to be sensible.

And...that includes the one who made the fastest decision in for me today. Kak Ida, from BooksforCharity had quickly suggested a book for me when she realised that a book that I wanted was running out of stock. And she had brilliantly made the right choice! The thing that I appreciate the most was how sensitive she was towards my interest in Emily Giffin. Fine. Isabel Wolfe was not available. So, she suggested the next in line - the book which I plan to buy during my next order.

Not to mention that she had also tagged me photos of Sarah Addison Allen's books - the author who captured my attention after my first purchase in BooksforCharity. And without having to wait a decade to buy those books, I could sense that I would receive it by this week:)

I have been given a chance to laugh and sense of comfort tonight.

Just because people cared. Just because people were sensitive.

Thanks, intelligent friend. Thanks again Kak Ida from BooksforCharity.

You were sweet - like the strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

We'll deal with the culprit who edited my picture tomorrow.


Dee said...

sapa lah yg tergamak edit ur pic tu ye..

happy that sha dah back to 'normal'..well u know what i mean..

Kengkawan said...

sapa yang xder kerjaya tu?
sabar sha