Saturday, September 24, 2011

finding orkid: lawa ke?

Orchid flower reflection by andream66
Orchid flower reflection, a photo by andream66 on Flickr.
I was furious. Indeed. I lost control over someone I was supposed to respect, but hey...look at reasons! If you were in my shoes, folks, you would reacted the same way. When you had responsibilities, the last thing that you wanted was not to be able to fulfill it to the halt. Choosing between 211 people and a person was not difficult. However, choosing a person instead of the important 211 was devastating.

So, I expressed those feelings in a different manner. My Facebook status as at 23rd September 2011 was stated as...

"If I have a daughter, I won't name her Rapeah. Period."

The status received 9 comments overnight. Some could just read my mind, saying that I must have problems with a person with that name up to the exted I hated the name so much; and I didn't want anything got to do with it.

A friend talked about naming my girl according to her name or something Arabic like Khadeeja. Kak Dee commented that Rapeah was her friend's name while Pocket and Taca commented about Orkid.

Thanks for the comments, folks. Especially to those who were still thinking of Orkid.

I miss Orkid a lot. I haven't been talking about her for quite some time. Sometimes I wish I could write a story about her. But a story was not enough, the most important thing was how to get to her. Finding a partner to get Orkid was not showing a positive progress. Finding money to get Orkid was suffocating. Nevertheless, I must try.

Therefore, with high hopes like an airbus flying in the sky, I indulged myself by surfing the internet. Hmmmmm...let's see...

Type: Meaning of Muslims names.

Thousands of links appeared. the first one.

Let's check out Orkid's second name. Or her sister's name. Or her brother.

Orkid El-Jawahir - the name that I wanted her to have since the beginning. Well, I didn't search for Orkid. Of course, the meaning was crystal clear.

So...Orkid El-...???

I have always loved these names which described jewelry or treasure. Mata duitan? Eh, taklah! If only you could feel how I feel. Having a child was like having the best treasure on earth. That's why I chose...

...Jawahir - Jewels

...unlike the other good options like the ones I listed below:

...Azraa - Unpierced Pearl
...Dahab -Gold
...Durrah - Pearl
...Fareedah - Gem
...Hajar - Hard as a Rock
...Jammana - Pearl
...Johara - Jewel
...Jumanah - Silver Pearl
...Lu'lu - Pearls
...Lujaina - Silver
...Nageenah - Precious Stone

I would also prefer the other names of flower as such:

...Daliya - Dahlia
...Kanwal - Water Lily
...Abal - Wild Rose
...Elma/Alma - Apple
...Fellah - Jasmine
...Gul-e-Rana - sweet smelling Rose
...Humra - Rose
...Jannah - Garden of Paradise
...Jasmina - Jasmine
...Jehan - Flower
...Khuzamah - Lavender
...Wardah - Rose
...Lina - Palm Tree

...but Lina? Palm Tree? Hmmm...not my favourite among all!

My most favourites among the list (there were too many...but I have to be choosy) are these ones...

...Alima - Wise
...Aribah - Wise
...Ayra - Respectable
...Binish - Clever/Intelligent
...Dhakiyah - Bright/Intelligent
...Fahima - Intelligent
...Faiqa - Outstanding/Superior
...Fawz - Success
...Fikriyah - Intellectual
...Gazala - Charming Intelligent, flirt
...Lashirah - Very Intelligent
...Najihah - Victory

The most interesting one would be...
...Mohaddisa - Story Teller

But I don't really want her to be a story teller, it was better to be wise.

...Hudun - to become quiet
...Itaf - Clock
...Sameenah - Fat

And...these names has fascinated me the most:

...Aludra - Virgin
...Hur - Virgins of Paradise
...Areej - Sweet Smell
...Fayha - Fragrant

Wooowww...several names are in the options. Which one do you think is the best one among these options?

Help me...Orkid El-Jawahir...or...???

Sha: When you have the word LAWA in your name, it doesn't mean you're lawa. Buruk perangai means you're buruk:)


Pocket said...

name her kal-el, or jor-el..
but that is a boy's name :D

dont name her Dahab,
as my teasing mind can imagine her to hate her name when the guys in her darjah pat class would call her BewakDhab instead.

I'd say Orkid ElJawahir is the best.
Orkid my jewel kinda rings nicely dont u think?

may i have the honour of
becoming Kid-el's jor-el?

izan said...

ada nama ... supaya org tak panggil kita "hei" ... org panggil nama kita .. sebab tahu kpd siapa dia tuju utk sesuatu perkara ... tak kiralah apa nama yg kita cari atau diberi ... syukur kita punya nama...

t.a.c.a said...

orkid eljawahir sangat unique and the name really fit together even rarely being together kan?

ur second daughter? orkid elAzraa.. sounds nice too :P