Sunday, September 11, 2011

sha: apakah rupa peti sejuk anda?

Fridge 001 by brixton
Fridge 001, a photo by brixton on Flickr.

OMG..I'm tired, folks! Yesterday was a damn hectic day. Okay, we'll start with Monday. I was on leave due to physical and emotional needs of a rest day. But that was what I said. Actually the day was spent to make phone calls to the attendees for the family barbecue session. Nice one. Working in a telecommunication company in a way is forcing me to get a postpaid number. I don't really fancy using postpaid, but here we go...suddenly I appreciate my postpaid number on Monday. Makciks have lengthy conversation than ever!

Well, most of my cousins got married early this year;some getting pregnant.That left me as one of those who are not married yet. Besides, the event took place Seremban. So, Sha...the most obidient niece was trying to do all that she could to help on the barbecue. Well, I was not that noble, actually. I was NOMINATED to do all that chores.

Perfecting the details was a challenge; considering that most of us are not staying nearby. I even used e-mails to communicate with the other cousins; made 3 round of calls to make sure that I could budget the for the food; kept checking the to-do list and the food that everyone wanted to bring; just in case it was redundant. was damn tiring! Now I wonder how it feels like to be Claudia Joy in Army's Wives...all beautiful, organised and smart (perasan la Sha...that beautiful part is thousand miles away! Haha). I'll tell you about my barbecue session, later...okay?

But at least I got something to do. I mean, I got friends with craziest ideas, family with even crazier ideas and a cat with a crazy mind. And shelves of crazy books.

With that, I tell you, I'm thankful for everything that I have.

Recently, I have been asking myself on how to actually describe my heart. You know, I was trying to make it more metaphoric and poetic.


My heart is like a sea where everyone can just swim in it...
My heart is like a flower which blooms in the depth of winter...

But I found out that actually I couldn't be one of those poetic and unrealistic people. And I believe that I'm a modern minded person despite the so-called Selangor and Kuala Lumpur people who loved to jibe me about Seremban being rural.

So, I described my heart as...


Where it's spacious and organised from the way it was built.
Where several nutritious stuff could be allocated.
Where junks would have the space if I chose to store it.
Where rotten stuff could provide an epidemic; if I don't quickly dispose it.
Where ice are cold in the freezer
Where fish stinks and daun kesum is fragrant.
And where I chose to make it a happy or sad place or even; full or empty and colourful or colourless.

Care to add more, fridge is a good methaphor:)

Tell me, folks, what's your fridge like?

* Playing Sims Social in Facebook before going to sleep...just to keep some money to buy fridge. Well, hearts can be bought too. Don't you think?


Kengkawan said...

ooo macam tu ye?
if heart can be bought, dah lama akak beli Anuar Zain hahahaha

slamat berbarbeque!

Dee said...

besarnya hati sha mcm peti ais..hihihi..