Monday, September 05, 2011

raya: aku seekor ulat

Kerbau. Lembu. Kambing. Ayam. Itik. Ostrich. Rusa.
Buffalo. Cow. Goat. Lamb. Chicken. Duck. Ostrich. Deer.
Beef. Mutton. Meat. Venison.

Have you ever heard about rendang ikan? Rendang sotong? Rendang udang? I have not. Or rendang sayur? I have not but I know there is rendang pucuk ubi (a Rembau specialty) and rendang pucuk maman (a Gemencheh specialty).

Rendang kerang? Maybe. For nasi lemak lovers, this is a common dish. I, personally love rendang kerang. Especially the one made by my wan. See, she has her own way in cooking cockles. She used to tell me that cockles were cheap in the olden days and she needed to be creative in feeding 8 children.

But still, she had rendang ayam or rendang daging during Hari Raya. Apparently people tend to be carnivorous during Hari Raya. Especially here in my kampong, where we uphold the tradition of feeding our guests with good food. In fact, we have this tradition called mantai; the occassion where meat was sold at cheaper prices. Some of us might be more traditional, like my parents. We served buffalo beef and duck rendang for raya. Total Negeri Sembilan style:)

But the drawback of this tradition is lack of fibre in the servings. Imagine eating meat for consecutively 10 days or 30 days of your life with little amount of fibre. The effect is not that wondrous but we can't help wondering why we still eat all the dishes on the table.

Aaaaa...the answer is simple. The food is tastier in Hari Raya. For some reason:)

So, can you imagine, a guest who says...

"Eeeee...berminyaknya semua makanan ni!"
"Daging...rendang...takde ke sayur-sayur ke? Saya diet!"
"Kuah lodeh ni pon ada santan..."
"Kuah kacang? Errr...ada ayam kan! Carbo ni...carbo..."

The hosts are annoyed.

Well, folks...let me tell you something. Squid or prawn have side effects too. Especially when the uric acid is high and you have gout or migrain. It's still not good for your health. And be realistic about ikan kembung price during hari raya. It's not even available in supermarkets so you can't expect everyone to cook laksa for Hari Raya.

My aunt's neighbour is asking her whether she can cook something suitable with her diet. See, she says she rather starve if it means she has to eat Rendang ayam during Hari Raya. She doesn't want to gain another inch to fit in her sweet kebaya nyonya, she says.

Okaylah...okaylah. She is lucky because she is coming to my aunt's house. She is lucky that she is not our family. This is because she is not going to come for our family get together barbecue party this weekend.

I'm going to be the organiser. It's going to be a potluck thingy. So far I've only heard mutton, lamb, beef, chicken, drumsticks, wings, frankfurters, burgers and potato salad. Some even suggested a bit of raya meal like rendang in case someone wants to eat rice.

Nobody...I repeat, nobody ever commit for grilled carrots or lettuce yet.

Any tips for barbecue party, anyone?

Maybe I'll invite you to my vege barbecue one day.


p/s: what do you call a the person who likes to read books? BOOKWORM. What will you call a person who loves to eat vege?


~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe.. selalunya bila raya mna nak pikir2 psl carbo ke kolestrol ke lemak2 ke atau sebagainya.. konon2 nya setaun sekali melepaskan diet yang bertaun2... ^^

Pocket said...

'ulat dah naik dauuuunnnnn'
ala ala sudin dalam pendekar bujan lapok.

yes, we never cared about carb or all protein during raya, that is why i camp near the loo for three straight nights. cant hold it for more then 5 second when the nature calls. have to go.

hey hey!! BBQ!!
my tips would be about the fire as per previously posted in 169thPost : bakaarr-bakaaaarrrr

good luck sis!! 'burn' a few ubi for me ok :D

Adib said...

3hari dihari raya memang boleg ganti lemak yg hilang 30hari puasa

dotblogspotdotkom said...

berkurun lama... kurahsiakan.. cnta ku pada mu... huhuhuhuhu...
lama sungguh tak jengah sini....

sempena hari raya nih.... pakcikdot nak ucapkan salam eidulfitri... dan maaf zahir batin... lama tak jengah kamu..huhuhuhu

cikpepel said...

enche abang pocket~ ulat bulu da naik daun la....

kak sha ~ call ulat sayur la...euw...

kite beli nove baru belum trbaca lagi..hehe