Wednesday, September 07, 2011

sha: hati-hati balang

[[ 103/365 ]] jar of hearts by | Erin |
[[ 103/365 ]] jar of hearts, a photo by | Erin | on Flickr.
I want to ask you a question. Do you have any favourite song? I have one that I particular like these days. Frankly speaking, I'm not just liking the song, I'm obsessed with the song. I'm not sure what caused me to like this song in the first place, considering the music is not really my music. Maybe listening to it make me relax and calm because the song does not require lots of instrument or high pitch vocal. Just a simple and steady piano and a woman's voice.

But then again the song...regardless how sad it sounds; makes me laugh each time I hear it. My Malay mind is translating the song accidentally on the way back from work. I mean, the song is quite hot now; with all radio station playing it except for Klasik Nasional.

For example, there was a situation which caused me to laugh at this song one evening. I was on my way back from Genting Highlands when I decided to stop at KLCC just to take glimpse of books. I know, it sounds crazy but then again for the sake of not missing anything, I simply went there; hoping above hope that I could just hold the book.

I ended up buying five books and thinking of how am I going to cope with the books that I have eyed in BooksofCharity before this. MMmmmmmhhmmm...

I parked my car at the basement of KLCC, near Topshop as the entrance. It was easier since I could just walk down there all the way to KL Convention Center. I walked too fast that day and I made pretty quick decisions on which book to buy. Seriously, I was taking risks but then again I have read the reviews before this and I have not found those books in B4C...which made it better to buy.

And my thought of going to Aseana for quick drinks was not materialised. Aseana closed at 9.30pm and there I was, clad in my denim robe; looking bored. Now, please believe me that I am now wearing robes! Especially to open houses. I'm yet to wear purdah soon...hehe.

So, I went down to basement again, thinking that I should just have my drink at the nearest R&R. No more carbonated drinks. I'm just too tired of drinking over sweet liquids!

My mind was not focused. And I was not sure why I turned to my left. I was not sure why my mind worked at its peak on that day. Fast decision on travelling, choosing books...and spotting...Sepet's car in KLCC basement. The car was next to my car!


I looked around and made sure that the owner of the car was there. Then I left with my 2707; switching the radio on to choke the lump in my throat. Well, the last thing I wanted to have for a perfect evening was to stay away from my horrible past. Aiseehhh....why laaaa...

At first, the song sounded so sad; I wanted to change the station....

I know I can't take one more step towards you
Cause all that's waiting is regret
And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore?
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live, half-alive
And now you want me one more time

Huhuhuhu....why....whyyyyyy....I asked myself. It felt like movies when Shah Rukh Khan had tears in his eyes and the wind was blowing only the front part of his hairs...

Christina Perri sounded like Lata Mangeshkar...oooooo....whyyyyy...

Then suddenly I laughed. Christina Perri didn't sound like Lata, she sounded like Normadiah...

Saya tahu saya tidak boleh mengambil satu lagi langkah ke arah anda
Menyebabkan semua yang yang menunggu menyesal
Dan tidak anda tahu saya bukan hantu anda lagi?
Anda kehilangan cinta Saya suka yang paling

Saya belajar untuk hidup, separuh hidup
Dan sekarang anda ingin saya sekali lagi

Dan siapakah yang anda fikir anda?
Runnin 'pusingan meninggalkan parut
Mengumpul jar hati anda
Dan mengoyak cinta selain

Anda akan menangkap sejuk
Dari ais di dalam jiwa anda
Oleh itu, tidak kembali untuk saya
Siapa yang anda fikir anda?

Saya mendengar anda bertanya di seluruh
Jika saya di mana-mana yang akan dijumpai
Saya telah berkembang terlalu kuat
Untuk yang pernah jatuh kembali di tangan anda

Saya telah belajar untuk hidup, separuh hidup
Sekarang anda ingin saya sekali lagi

Dear, ia mengambil masa yang lama
Semata-mata untuk merasa baik-baik saja
Ingat bagaimana untuk menghalang
Cahaya di mata saya

I grinned. The translation was absurd. I couldn't figure it out even with my insane mind. Besides, it was my pride which was hurt. Not my heart.

Dan tidak anda tahu saya bukan hantu anda lagi?

Hihi. I wonder how my other favourite song called Pura Cendana from Musang Berjanggut is going to sound if we translate the song directly to English:

Pura pura sandalwood sandalwood. Domestic peace and harmony. Pura pura sandalwood sandalwood. Domestic peace and harmony. Natural environment shahbana shahbana his name His Royal Highness

Hohohoho...don't get absurd about songs, folks. There are many people out there who are in and out of love.

The song does not really about you:)

Dan tidak anda tahu saya bukan hantu anda lagi? not about me and I should not feel to personal about it. But....could I just ignore this part...

Saya telah berkembang terlalu kuat...

* Sha telah mengembang dengan kuat! Hahahaha....


~ Cik Azz ~ said...

Rajinnya la haii translate lagu tu...

Last2 kuar lak hantu...


Acik Erna said...

assalam sha..selamat hari raya..maaf zahir batin
memang lucu jadinya kalau di alihbahasa...kan

Pocket said...

jangan translate directly,
kang jadimacam karangan itu..
'dont play three woods'

entah kenapa lagu yg pocket suka would be...
bonjobi always,

'aku tak buleh nyanyi lagu cinta,
sepertimana ia sepatutnya dinyanyikan,
mungkin aku dah tak sebagus itu lagi
tapi itu mungkin hanya aku.

dan aku akan mencintai mu, sayang.
sampai bila bila...'

(Pergh!! tu tak direct translation!! jiwang la pocket nih!!)

~LP Lum~ said...

salam kak sha~

hehehe... yang berkembang terlalu kuat tu memang ngam ngan sy.. =.="

Dee said...

translate pakai google translate lah ni kan? hahaha..