Tuesday, September 27, 2011

orkid's cafe: bunga kelentit

Blue Clitoria by Anupam Kamal
Blue Clitoria, a photo by Anupam Kamal on Flickr.
Do you have a friend who loves to curse so much; it just came naturally from his mouth like saliva?

I do.

There is a friend of mine who just couldn't stop cursing, regardless whether he is happy or unhappy about something.

Happy example:
"Bro! Aku bawak makanan! Jom makan..." I smiled jubilantly at him while showing off the plastic container.

He would answer, "Pantat kau! Apa tu? Sedap ke? Pantatlah...."

Well, I was not handing "pantat" out to him but even a delicious piece of steak could be a pantat. Frankly, I never thought that they would use that part as a steak. Don't you think so?

Sad example:
"Sori bro....aku tak dapat sangat nak tolong ko tengok benda ni..." I blinked back my tears as I brought up the sad news.

He would softly cursed, "Pantat betuuuulll diorang ni. Apalah pantat sangat perangai diorang ni..."

Well, I couldn't say anything. Pantat, apparently was his favourite word.

Not mine. I have that. So, I won't curse my own sexual organ, okay!

So, what is happening tonight?

I did not come to work this morning but I am under the missing mode of a friend with a vulgar word as his favourite word. My 2707 got some problem so I referred him since he was obsessed with cars. He told me what to do. Well, that was his good point. A friend in need was a friend indeed.

While I was waiting for my car to be fixed, I fixed my eyes towards the newly grown bunga telang in my garden. I took the pods at Seremban Lake Garden and sprinkled the seed all over. Surprisingly, the plants grew healthily in my garden and the blooming purple flowers were making me a happy woman.

It took me several hours...and there was nothing much I could do.

After 2707 has been fixed, I Googled bunga telang and found this:
The flowers of this vine have the shape of human female pudenda, hence the Latin name of the genus "Clitoria", from "clitoris". (Synonyms: Clitoris principissae.)[4] "Ternatea", the name of the species, comes from Ternate, a location in Indonesia.[citation needed] In some languages (Tamil, Malayalam) it is named after the seashell, which is a euphemism for a woman's external sexual organs.

Okay. I might be missing my friend so much this morning (or I was actually feeling quiet since I was not hearing any cursing) . The first person whom I remembered when I was reading bunga telang's article in wikipedia was him. Not only because he came from Kelantan (where bunga telang was used as a colouring agent for nasi kerabu), it was also because of his cursing habit which I found annoying for the first few months of knowing him and hilarious after years of dealing with his loudness.

Malaysians were quite timid in saying things out loud. Cursing was definitely a harsh action in this society. People like Mr Telang over here was not able to hide his reaction on something so his was an extraordinaire. I have to be frank to you folks. When I first saw this flower and knew its name, I had lots of things in my imagination. I did not try very hard to relate bunga telang and clitoria. In fact, I had this name in my mind:

Bunga Kelentit.

Well, Mr. Telang might curse a lot but I took the blame of being dirty minded.

Blame my mother too; she said the same thing. Perhaps, we were being too honest and less Malay in this but yes, in this situation we couldn't help giggling over the name of the flower. Hehehehe...sorry...

Some people said that when you have such a vulgar mind, it's otak kuning. Some said, it's otak biru. This time, I chose blue. But don't you think that sometimes scientists were not necessarily geeks or nerds, they might be people like us who named a flower with a wicked name?

I'm leaving this posting with a note saying that how lucky of us to have some adab, even though sometimes it's quite difficult. We chose our words carefully as we did not want to hurt others. But we also must bear in mind that sometimes an outspoken friend was not necessarily our enemy.

Like Mr. Telang.

I read that bunga telang is an aphrodisiac. Care to get one, folks?


Adila said...

as much as cursing is nothing really, it's so buruk to hear it coming out from a girl mouth, no?

imagine, a pretty girl, super elegant looking suddenly curse
rosaak the good part

of course everyone curse
but if it's like as part of every sentence (using curse words to express other than anger) that's a bit... ummm... need to try and change la

i used to curse a lot when i was younger
thanks to mom, i no longer do
once in a while and that's just it haha

Kengkawan said...

Goshh.. saying d P* word, might get me kena cili mulut..


lupekanje said...

haha..yaa..I dont like people cursing. My children not dare to curse infront of me. If they want to report or tell me their story... they will say "ni contoh ye...contoh... dia kata pantat ko!! tu contoh..bukan mencarut..!!" huhu...

I was still looking for the plant that u told last time..to be one of the gulai tempoyak ingredients..whats the name? Pucuk ??????

Anonymous said...

hi Sha,
akak pun dah lama tak jenguk sini... masa berblog dah terbatas la...
Akak tak pernah tengok bunga telang secara life.. sama tp tak serupa kan? heheheh

Neeza Shahril said...

bab mencarut tu takleh nak kata apa lah Sha.. ramai orang gitu.. alangkah eloknya kalau dia tukarkan dengan word macam Subhanallah ke.. Ya Allah ke kan.. much much better.. dapat pahala pulak tu..

Pasal bunga telang tu kan.. bunga tu orang letak dalam nasi kerabu untuk birukan nasi tu.. mak akak ada tanam tu and dia bagi sikit bawak balik benihnya kesini.. akak belum tanam pun lagi :D