Sunday, September 25, 2011

sha: muntahlah...

Eastern Tent Catepillar by lowlight47
Eastern Tent Catepillar, a photo by lowlight47 on Flickr.
Dome, KLCC

The smell of coffee filled the air. I sipped my Berry Bliss with a contented heart; knowing that the time for me to meet my sweetheart was getting near. I smiled towards the menu. "He would come after this...he would..." I told myself with the steady beat of my heart.

I haven't seen him for a while. Ever since I worked for the Red Mr. Round, I have not been able to look into his naughty eyes and challenged his stare. My work has been telling him no all the time while my heart grumbled. The feet of my disagreement stomped in my head. It hurt, knowing that I should at least spent some time with him, cherishing our good memories when we were together.

Suddenly, a glimpse of my past walked in front of me. My face dropped its smile and replaced that with a frown. This was awful. Nope. It couldn't be him. It should not be him.

A memory flashed in my mind...

"Sha!" he called me. I looked behind my shoulder.

"Jangan macam ni. Bagi dia chance la. Maybe dia busy..." he gasped for breath. I was running away from his explanation.

"Busy? Busy apa macam tu? Dahlah...aku bukan budak-budak. Antara busy dengan taknak layan, aku boleh paham..." I replied.

"Dia bukan macam dulu, Sha. Semua ni dia buat sebab kerja..." but my ears were blocked. Work. Yes, work. How could you work and forget about the person you loved?


"Sayang..." I heard a soft voice behind me. Suddenly my sight went dark. My eyes felt warm with the feel of human skin. It felt like rough palms on my eyelids. couldn't be!

I started to panic. No...I did not want him to be there. I just saw him there. He was paying at the counter. And the man with him palms on my face was supposed to be...


"Jangan..." and I wracked myself free from the person's touch.

The person behind me held my shoulder. I slapped his hands.

"Garangnye. Kenapa ni..." he asked softly. And it was not Sepet's voice. This man has such a deep voice, fit for the warmth on his palms.

I turned my back and sighed with relief.

It was Jack!

"Youuu..." I smiled weakly.

"Who did you think that was? Sepet?" he smiled lazily. His tone, regardless how light it was, full of cynicism.

I bowed. It was true. I was just being scared.

"I saw his friend just now. You saw him and you thought that Sepet was here kan?" he asked.

There. He managed to read my thoughts. I hated this. I didn't want to hurt him. He has been so kind, so nice and so thoughtful.

"I...I was not comfortable," I admitted.

"Or you forgot about me?" he said that with a lopsided grin. That cheeky grin which made me feel like pinching his smug face.

"Yes, I have forgotten about you," I replied casually.

And I saw a slump on his shoulder took an immediate effect. The proud grin has been banished from his face. His mood had swiveled 100% from the time he placed his hands on my eyes just now.

I winked.

" I know I have an effect on you..." I said softly.

To my pleasure, he blushed. Which made it easier to broaden my smile. I had no clue on this, actually. But ever since he brought me breakfast years ago, I seemed to be missing his blush and his smile everyday of my life. Life without his smile was like life without eating rice at North Pole.

"You are being a tease, my love," he reached for my hand. There, the fear of seeing my past just now had been replaced by the comfort of his callous hands.

"I just love to tease you, J..." gedik voice has found its place!

"And I have been missing you, Sha..." he said with a challenging voice.



"Do you know how hard life for me now?" I asked him.


"Where did you go, J?"

"I have been there, at the back of your mind, sayang..."

"Why didn't you turned up, J?"

"Because you stopped writing."

"Yeah...I know..." his eyes were pleading me not to go on.

"Sha..." I loved to here my name on his lips!

"Yes J..."

"Any other Js in your life, lately?"

"Which J?"

"I heard the gossip of you and another J..." his accusing tone was like an ice.

"Ohhh...that J!" I exclaimed.

"Yes...that J..." he said sarcastically.

"Noo....he is just a friend..." I said truthfully.

"There's only one J in my mind. Jebat...Jack...Jebat..."

"Two names?" he teased.

"One person. One love," and I felt the furry ulat bulu naik daun at the back of my throat.

"Don't go..." he said.

"I won't..." my smile was as sweet as berries.

That's definite.

I'll come back. I'll write more. So that I won't leave my Jack Bass. Regardless how busy I was with work.

Anyone wants to vomit?


Sorry, I found Jack. So I am back in love:)

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