Sunday, September 18, 2011

sha: the purple mercedes

Why so serious?! by Richard de Heus
Why so serious?!, a photo by Richard de Heus on Flickr.
It was a normal day. I hopped onto the bus at 6.45 a.m and slept for another hour. Plusliner was a good bus. I knew there were more comfortable buses out there but as far as traveling from Seremban to KLCC was concerned, that was the most comfortable bus. SKS was fine...but yes, most of the Plusliner's passenger got black memories in SKS buses. I would tell you later about that one, okay?

Well, double decker bus with head rest, plasma tv which is perfectly clean was what you want when you're travelling, right? I slept soundly that day. Well, there was no question of shame in the bus, trust me:)

After 45 minutes of snoring, I sensed that I would reach my destination soon. I didn't know how my head did it but each time the bus exited its way from MEX (Maju Expressway) and cruised into Jalan Tun Razak, my eyelids would automatically flipped open and the first thing I would see was RHB building. was neither the most beautiful building nor the sight that you would love to behold when you open your eyes in the morning. Unless you got Aaron Aziz standing in front of the building, that was a different story.

"Sayang...bangun..." I heard his husky voice whispering in my ears.

"Hmmm...dah bangun dah..." I murmured lazily.

"Kejap lagi sampai Tabung Haji. Lipat shawl tu cepat..." his voice made me wanted to wrap my shawl around him and continued sleeping. Aaaaah...Jack Bass!

"Okay darling..." I smiled.

"Darling? Apa darling-darling nieh, Sha?!" suddenly Jack Bass' voice was not his voice. Eh, how come?

I opened my eyes widely. There she was with a funny smile on her face. She was trying not to laugh.

"Yatiiiii...." the slowness of my voice was the indicator of my feeling. My face was hot. Red and hot.

"Mimpi siapa, Sha?" my friend grinned at me.

"Takde siapa-siapalah..." I blushed. No, I won't tell her. She would say that I was crazy. Only you knew who Jack Bass was, blog readers.

I had quickly folded my shawl and stuffed it into my bag. Time to get down from the bus!

After saying goodbyes to Yati and my other bus mates, I headed to my office. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me.

"Itu ke bas Seremban? " I looked at her. She knew manners well. No greetings, nothing...and she just asked questions. Just like that.

I nodded. It was not in my habit to talk to her. She must have something up to her sleeves that day.

"Naik bas macam tu pergi kerja?" she asked incredulously.

"Mmmmhmmm..." my lazy tone was supposed to reflect my laziness of talking.

"Berapa ringgit tambang?"

"RM10...pergi balik."


I clipped my smile without looking at her. My feet was walking faster than the usual days.

"Kesiannyeeee...tulah...lain kali beli kereta..." she provided an empathy which I didn't ask.

"Jimat naik bas," I used minimal words as possible. You know, the chatty me would be someone less chatty after wards.

"Yelah. Dekat Seremban tu mana ada LRT..." she jabbed again.

Then my phone rang. I picked it up.

"Babe...nak breakfast? Okay...jom...aku jap lagi sampai."

And I just ignored the person who was walking with me. Surprisingly, she could cope with my pace. Hmmm...selalu jalan melenggang je!

"Laaaaaa...pakai Nokia C3 je?!!! Apasal tak ada Blackberry?!" she made a fake surprise tone.

I just kept quiet.

"Patutlah lambat je reply e-mail...tak ada Blackberry..." she made an assumption. For record, I have never sent any e-mails to her.

"Pernah ke awak hantar e-mail kat saya ek?" I asked stupidly.

"Ada! Banyak!" she said proudly.

"For what?"

"Adalah...macam-macam..." her tone was becoming slower.

"Awak ada superior, kenapa tak suruh dia je yang hantar? Saya tak pernah deal dengan awak sangat pun..." I said that calmly.

"Dia dah hantar...Kak Sha yang tak reply..." that was called "asking the wet thread to stand up" or menegakkan benang yang basah.

"Bagi bukti dulu, okay! Nanti saya cakap dengan boss awak..." I winked and walked straight.

There was no point of talking to her.

Later that morning I heard her voice in the pantry.

" Mak bapak dia mesti orang susah. Dah tua-tua macam tu tak ada kereta lagi!"
" Eh, dia bukan executive ke, kenapa tak ada duit?" her friend replied.
"Tengok badanlah...gemuk macam tu, kuat makan lah tu..." and all of them laughed histerically.

I smiled. Lantak koranglah...

"Eh, tau tak dia nieh. Dahlah cantik...pakai Mercedes..."

...and they continued talking.

Sha: Driving my 2707 to JB today. Please pray for my safety folks!


Kengkawan said...

ingatkan orang yang poyo macam tu ada dalam cerekarama je.. hahahhha

i would love g keje naik bas. best apa, x payah nak pening kepala cari parking.

Adila said...

kereta cantik2 mahal2 but buat calar je baik simpan kat rumah heeeeeeeeeee~

I am considering of naik basikal to work but then I'm such a coward takut kena langgar lol

bus aint bad
org2 bijak je yg reti save money where needed
if you bawak kreta, xleh get extra sleep

sibok je org tu
suka hati la nak naik bus ke lori ke treler ke

Pocket said...

that lady was a lady that dont know where to put her priority and yet still love to make a fool of herself sounding like one.

bus is the best,
my previous company didnt provide busses to send us to the Mosque during friday prayer. i tot 'great!! then i can go to eat wherever i want to'

my new company provide the bus,
'this is even better! i could sleep all the way :D'

i wonder, dat lady u mentioned,
is she driving to work?

izan said...

sha .... tumpang 2707 ... antar p klinik da 2 hr x sihat ni.. :) hati2 dijalan raya...

Dee said...

biarkan dia journey sis..

ashie023 said...

jenis berlagak dengan harta yg x kekal, camtulah...ada jugak ye jenis poyo..mmm..manusia x pernah nk bersyukur