Wednesday, September 07, 2011

sha: rona rani and banana split factory

Banana Split Cupcake by Miss Cupcakery
Banana Split Cupcake, a photo by Miss Cupcakery on Flickr.
Feedback Form #1

Dear A&W,

We were so disappointed with the treatment that we have received from your staff in A&W Seremban on 30th July 2011. That was our first mini gathering after almost 20 years.

There were approximately 25-30 of us (we didn't expect a number of us would turned up for a simple meet up). For your information, A&W has such a very sentimental value to us considering that we came to A&W since we were small and our schools were just nearby.

One of your staff by the name of Rani had rudely asked us to return all mugs of root beer floats (which each of us has ordered) due to the reason insufficient amount of glasses which she claimed would be used by other customers. In other words, she was saying that the profit that we have contributed on that day as a team did not mean anything to A&W.

Few minutes later we have been chased out by Rani because of lack of seats. At first we tried to compromise by sitting near to each other and used only few tables. Some of us even opted to go home earlier. But no appreciation or alternatives given; she just simply demanded that our presence were too long in your outlet (1 hour was so long for her. Imagine how other F&Bs were making money using WiFi as attraction, have they chased their customers too?).

I have never been exposed to such rudeness and inconvenience. In my opinion, Rani should just provided us or other customers options on the mugs. It was either advising the other customers that the mugs were insufficient or provide us with paper cups as alternatives. And while doing so, she could just adhere to the ethics that you have uphold for as long as we ever remembered as children.

My regret was that the quality; not only in the area of customer service but also the quantity and quality of food and drinks which your are serving these days.

Thanks for a very high class customer service. I trust that you should improve. As for our memories, thanks for both the good and the bad ones. Congratulations for being versatile!

Feedback Form #2

Dear A&W,

This is my second feedback in a week. I went to your drive through outlet in Seremban to get some banana split for buka puasa in the first week of August.

The lady who caused the turmoil during my school gathering few days prior to my visit was being rude again!

My friends have informed me that they hated to go to A&W if she was the one who took care of the drive through service and now I know why.

I understood the fact that she was not happy that I ordered for a packed banana split but it was Ramadhan and the parking was inconvenient. Therefore she should not be grumbling when she did her job ESPECIALLY when the customer was asking first before ordering.

She did not repeat the orders, she put up a sour face while preparing the banana split and I truly believe that it was not done according to the standard she she did it half-heartedly. I have then given her RM50 since she did not mentioned the price. She has then returned the money without receipt or mentioning the balance.

I have no intention of wasting my time by sending you 2 feedback in one day for 2 occasions which happened 1-2 months ago but this should be stopped.

It is either you train your staff or make sure that there won't be any more unfortunate customers who are going to be humiliated, disrespect and maybe even cheated.

If she is so unhappy with her work, please advise her to get another job. I believe it is in your code of ethics to be respectful, it is in your job description that you should be dealing with customers and it is also a norm for a human to come into her senses that one day the bad thing that you did to other people might just return to you.

We are ALL customers wherever we go. Thank you again for the brilliant opportunity to utilize this form effectively. Good job, A&W!

Sha: I watched "Mahive" video clip from Kal Ho Naa Ho. Rani Mukerjee looked so sweet and sexy. Apparently, the other Rani was the opposite. This is my copy of feedback forms to A&W, I'll wait for the reply.


Dee said...

dpt reply dr a&w..share kat sini ye..

~ Cik Azz ~ said...

Betul tu.. kalau tak boleh nak bagi muka tu manis kat depan kastemer, jangan jaga kaunter depan.. soh je dia jaga toilet.. kehh3..

Kalau jaga toilet pun nak bagi muka masam jugak, soh dia balik tido kat rumah je la... ahaha...

Tunggu jugak balasam dari AuW tu.. :P

Nak komplen gak la pasal KepC yg dah berbau hr tu.. huhu..

a kl citizen said...

kalau citer pasal servis ni... satu tan boleh dikongsi.
saya pun nak tunggu reply dari management diorang utk sha

Šĥű© said...

Rani mesti dah kenal muka u eh, Sha? haha