Saturday, September 17, 2011

booksforcharity: sarah addison allen

Sarah Addison Allen by cheryna_27
Sarah Addison Allen, a photo by cheryna_27 on Flickr.

Hi Sarah!

It's quite amazing how you could exactly turned my frown into smile with your books. I started to read Garden Spell out of curiosity and ended up buying Sugar Queen and The Girl Who Chased The Moon all in the same month!

I loved the simplicity that you portrait on your art. You presented a day-to-day scenarios with a touch of humor and abundance of feelings in it. Despite that, there will also a moment in each book that you have written which made me cry like a baby.

Trust me, you have touched a lot of people's heart all around the world and that includes me. I hope there will be more to come. I'm yet to get a copy of The Peach Keeper over here and can't wait for the day to come. Brilliant, Sarah! Keep up the good work :)

This is my official feedback in SAA's website. I bought all three books written by SAA from BooksforCharity. Thanks Kak Ida! (check out the picture of my books from SAA, isn't it nice?)

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