Friday, October 21, 2011

orkid's cafe: lemang periok kera

lemang periok kera siap by Pak Zawi
lemang periok kera siap, a photo by Pak Zawi on Flickr.

I'm too busy to update my blog right now. But I'm going to tell you this:

I am currently having a menstrual pain and for no reason acting like a pregnant lady. And how does a pregnant lady feels? She craves.

And I'm crazing for this lemang periok kera - something that I enjoyed back in 2005. It was way down the rural and unique place called Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

In Muadzam, they had this restaurant which sold Nasi Lemak Periok Kera. To say it was too tasty would be a lie; but the authenticity and the uniqeness were something which was not supposed to be missed.

Lemang Periok Kera.

The name itself makes you wonder:

Who would eat rice from the monkey's pot?!


Pocket said...

just peel off the pot,
n eat the rice :D

but i know what do u mean sis,
but lemang buluh got those scent of the buluh embedded inside the pulut together with the excessive ammount of santan.

but with periuk kera..
do u taste the 'periuk-kera' flavour?

i seems to have lost your phone no, 'the number u have called is not in service..'

may i have it back please m(_ _)m

kak ijan said...

Interesting name, never thought such lemang pun ada. :)

zino said...

ada merasa sekali dulu lemang periuk kera ni di melaka..

Adila said...

ok... i ingat pisang tadi ehe~
if i jumpa, more likely i'll try it out of curiosity