Wednesday, October 26, 2011

orkid's cafe: marshmallow & chocolate

"Kita nak makan tak nieh?" Ain asked me nicely. My sweetheart. She has always been since day one.

"Kan kita baru makan tadi?" I answered the question with a question.She smiled while she held my hand tenderly.

In normal days, I was the one who was holding her hands or held her with confidence. But not last night. Definitely not last night.Not after she rescued me at 8.00 pm in the office. Definitely not after she heard my tearful voice on the line.

At 11 pm last night, I showed my childish side. The part where I was sensitive and desperate. The part when I was also a human.

"Celup-celup ada...satay ada...Kak Sha nak makan apa?" she showed the row of street food alongside Uptown Danau Kota. Frankly, I have never been to that place before. The place where my favourite scarves were sold at only RM10. It was a hectic location which I have never thought could become somewhere I liked even when I was having a chaotic mind.

"Makan macam tu...berat gak...kenyang lagi..." I said to her.

"Ain suka chocolate strawberry. Best kak...ada chocolate fondue kat depan sana!" her gay smile was what I have been missing for the past two months.

"Ada ke kat sini?" I asked stupidly. Chocolate fondue, in my narrow minded mind, was supposed to be available in hotels or malls. It was supposed to be sophisticated machine, wasn't it?

"Adalaaaahhh..jom...Ain bawak Kak Sha makan kat sana," she pulled my hand and gestured towards a small stall in front.And she was right. There it was, the small and clean chocolate fondue. With lots of varieties too!

"Ye kak....4 cucuk RM10 kak...ada strawberry, honey due, pisang...." the owner of the stall held the big banana in front of me.I smiled awkwardly. Hmmm...I haven't tasted strawberries with chocolate for ages!

"Marshmallow pon ada kak..." she promoted her stuff.

I grinned at Ain and said, "Strawberry, Grapes, Marshmallow dengan pisang..." and we squealed with delight.The girl went to the chocolate fondue and prepared our order. While waiting, Ain snapped my picture.

"Ain nie...tangkap gambar buat apa..." I grumbled.

"Kak Sha senyum! Senyum tau!" she ignored my statement and just tabbed her purple Samsung. I forced my smile. She frowned. She forced me to smile - over and over again.

After the skewers have been prepared, I handed RM10 to the lady and started to bite the strawberry. Ain fed me the bananas. I fed her the grapes.My heart felt soft and mushy inside. Looking at her smiley face made me stopped frowning for a while.

Nice. I have always wanted a little sister to feed. I never thought that she would be my own former assistant.

Well, who said that I couldn't take care of my own staff?
Maybe, if she couldn't stop talking about men and did not do her work.

Too bad, Ain was there for me for only a month. Yet, our relationship stays forever.


Othman Juliana said...

Let me be your assistant! Looking for a job as am so frustrated with my current job now. aihhhh,....

ps. we need to make a date la dear! let me know :)

t.a.c.a said...

nak nak nak~

Šĥű© said...

lama gila tak nampak u around! i missed u

kak ijan said...

That was very nice of her. Maybe persuade her to stay longer. hehe...
Marshmallow for bbq pun nice jugak. creamy and creamy. hehe :D

Adila said...

...I'll join you for makan2 that's for sure!
sgt drooling ok!