Monday, December 26, 2011

01:20:10 - i love aman!!!

Rose bud by w0x0f
Rose bud, a photo by w0x0f on Flickr.
Sweet Love was something that I was supposed to concentrate on for the weeks behind. But a trip to Fraser Hill and Gopeng has taken over my weekend. Days after that have been really horrendous with deadlines and quarrels. (well, my dearest friends, you know who am I talking about now).

The past weeks have been really bad but Alhamdulillah, I went through it with help of good people around me. And this long weekend of Christmas was supposed to be spent quietly with Sweet Love from Sarah Strohmeyer; a book about long lost love in desert's class. Interesting, huh? I bet it must be really interesting. But I was still at page 73 - which means I have a long way to go!

I thought I could finish it this week but no...I spent Saturday with my parents and aunties. Then I went to a function at my boss' house before spending the whole day of driving everywhere (well, I went out with a friend too, but I did not buy anything in the end). Ultimately, I found a rusty nail on my tyre. That left me at the mechanic's on the Boxing Day; waited for my car to be fixed while reminded myself that I should do the tyre alignments in every 10,000 km of mileage.

Ok, stop it. We all know that this blog is not a diary. Let's talk about what I have done after my 2707 was finally on the road:


Perhaps it was a consolation after watching the wasting-of-money - Ombak Rindu. Or perhaps it was because I couldn't get enough of We Are Family in Panggung Sabtu - starring Kajol, Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor.

Dammit. I sounded like a desperate spinster! Or a love addict. Or...what?

Well, blame my brother for bringing his girlfriend's external hardisk. I finally watched Kal Ho Na Ho for...I don't know how many times.

There was Aman. Naina. And Rohit. Ceewwwaaahhh...!!! And there was the illogical things plus extra fantasy things that we have always dreamed about. Like how a man could be so free in matchmaking his dream girl. Or how nice a man would looked like when he was wearing shades of purple and lilac. Like Shah Rukh Khan. Or Saif Ali Khan. Hehehe.

Ok...ok...that was not my point!

My point was about the reason I was watching this movie over and over again back in 2003! It was because of...

01:20:10 - my favourite scene of the film. It was the time when Naina (Preity Zinta) decided to tell her best friend, Rohit (Saif Ali Khan), about her love to Aman (SRK). She was wearing this red dress and he was there with red tie and red roses.

He thought that she would confessed her love to him. Au contraire. She eventually mentioned that she loved somebody else! (ala, it was almost like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...SRK hugged Kajol but mentioned Rani's name)

And as expected, he played no-I'm-ok. It was kinda obvious wasn't it? Most best friends would do that. Or a gentleman. Or an embarassed girl.

Like how it was in 2001...

Me: Hey...
Him: Sha...nak cakap sikit?
Me: Apa dia? Aku pon ada benda nak cakap dengan kau.
Him: Aku...aku...aku...
Me: Kau...kau...kau...
Him: Aku suka someone!
Me: Siapa...siapa...siapa?
Him: Dhia...kawan kau.
Me: (smiled bitterly)
Him: Aku suka dia!
Me: (grinned over brightly)
Him: Kau tolong lah matchmake kitorang. Boleh?
Me: Hah? Okeh! Boleh! (controlled the tears).
Him: Kau kan kawan aku. Kau je boleh tolong aku.
Me: Sure! (less words was better)
Him: Sayang kau, Sha...
Me: (sayang kau jugak)

And after my roommate, Wa, put on the speakers for this movie back in 2003, she just couldn't stop preparing her shoulders for me to cry on. That time, I was just thinking, "why treating someone so nicely when you loved somebody else in the end? Hang dok pi baik style flirting dengan aku bokpa?"

It's going to be 2012 soon. "Him" is happily married for years now. I'm still single. Nevertheless, I did have great love stories afterwards."Patah tumbuh hilang berganti" right? Like rosebuds. But who could have forgotten that part when the heart was wounded because you just had to see the one that you loved adored someone else besides you?

Matchmaking was not easy. I gave up half way and continued to be ignorant for years afterwards. But then again, if loving means letting go, then I had done it. It was awful at first but I'm not regretting it now.

Only Allah knows who is the best person for you, pon kan?

Halamaaak...what's with the jiwang mood?

Blame it on Karan Johar for writing that 01:20:10.

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