Thursday, December 15, 2011

pergilah air mata

Pergilah Air MataPergilah Air Mata by Hanni Ramsul

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After my last posting on Ombak Rindu, people might perceived me as someone weird. The book which has created a phenomenon in Malaysia has been given 2 stars instead of 5. People were thinking that I was such a mess; or perhaps I was blind for not knowing art.

My answer was simple. I loved independence. My late great grandmother - despite her naivette, was an independent woman. She did everything on her own; even if it took her to climb the stairs and repaired the roof of a kampong house. As much as that was concerned, I still thought that realistically, my amazement on the effort of avoiding the clingy character was much appreciated rather than just hoped above hope that everyone would become a Malay Cinderella.

So, that's why Pergilah Air Mata deserved a 4 star for me - 2 stars more than Ombak Rindu. Some aspects of Pergilah Air Mata are more logical and reliable; some have been researched and referred. Even though there was a question on monetarily logic in this book, I deferred this as something which I might not know and learn.

Indeed, Sabrina was an orphan but she did things on her own. And love did not have to be perfect. My favourite character in this book is not the hero or the heroien; I would much prefer the character of Badrul's best buddy, Darius and the character of Badrul's parents who touched my heart more.

Reading this book reminded me of how much I liked the other characters in Harry Potter without even liking Harry. Even though the other characters might have lesser plots and said so little, but we learned that these characters were strong and reliable in making things different.

I would sincerely say that in reading novels, especially the ones concerning love and romance, playing hard to get was something that I was looking forward to. In this novel, the women characters, despite the weakening touch of love, had principles of not being too naive and overly in love - they looked for logics before making the next action even though the decisions might not be the best that they have made.

And what else did I loved about the book? The comedy part, the sad part, and the love of parents. Maybe I re-read this book after reading The Language of Flowers; where sense of belonging was the main issue, and I was deeply affected. But having said all this, the book stood on its own, made an English novel reader like me put the purple colour book under the pillow and read that before I went to sleep last night.

Good job, Hanni Ramsul. I'm looking forward for your next creation. Let's just hope that this month's salary is early:P

* Thanks to my blogger buddy Nurul Amira for suggesting this book.

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Adib said... also thinks ombak rindu didnt deserved 4 or 5 stars..

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