Sunday, January 01, 2012

let's kiss on a BMW!

"The 1 Series, launched in 2004, is BMW's smallest car, and is available in coupe/convertible (E82/E88) and hatchback (E81/E87) forms. The 3 Series, a compact executive car manufactured since model year 1975, is currently in its fifth generation (E90); models include the sport sedan (E90), station wagon (E91), coupe (E92), and convertible (E93). The 5 Series is a mid-size executive car, available in sedan (F10) and station wagon (F11) forms. The 5 Series Gran Turismo (F07), beginning in 2010, will create a segment between station wagons and crossover SUV.[20] BMW 7-Series (F01)BMW's full-size flagship executive sedan is the 7 Series."
-wikipedia on BMW

Few years back, I was less than 50 kg. I managed to wear baby T without even being embarrassed of having big boobs. When I had money, I would celebrate my new year's even with chocolate frappucino with chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips.

Well, those years were the year when I thought that watching fireworks was the most interesting thing ever; like if I missed it, I would missed the next wonder of the world. It was almost similar to not going to Eiffel Tower when you visited Paris or you got allergic on belacan when everyone else was enjoying laksa in Perlis.

New year used to be a big event. New year was the right opportunity to watch Butterfingers, Poetic Ammo or Dayang Nurfaizah for free! Neither did I care about Konsert Jom Heboh, Sure Heboh, Tak Brapa nak Heboh). New year's eve's concert was totally a different and classy agenda. Especially when you spent them with friends. You thought that it would looked cool to have friends with you on those nights of "poyoness". Plural meant everything to you and singular made you looked like a loser :p

I wonder what happened since then. Five to six years after, I'm preferring a peaceful evening with less chaotic mind. Like...enjoying the time of being alone when everyone was rushing to KLCC or i-City (even though you didn't have to pay for it). All of the sudden, driving sounds like a hell of mess, massive crowd seems to be annoying and unneeded, and you don't really care whether you look cool or not. The most important thing is whether you will have enough rest and whether your mind too, is well rested before the year starts.

Because after this...
...people won't ask you where or how you celebrated the new year. They will ask you...

...about your next promotion and the stagnant pattern of your career.
...about you new year's resolution; especially on you weight and looks because new year is also about new fashion, new make up and new reality shows!
...about the new places that you are going to; especially when people they know and you know are having trouble with PTPTN.
...and most definitely, about your boyfriend. Skip. Not boyfriend. Future husband, to be precise!

All this will be asked with statements which are highlighting the part where 2 will not going to be the first digit of your age. Just like a BMW model, your age will measure you capability and what do normal people called as "needs". Like success. Or marriage. Or goal to lose weight!

Well, we just cannot help it, right? When I was watching New Year's Eve last Wednesday, I was thinking about how much people need to be similar to another human being. How sometimes stupid things like get kissed on new year's eve really meant something for some people. How cliches could be a story of something; and how differences made somebody an awkward person to hang out with.

Zac Efron was kissing Michelle Pfeiffer in the New Year's Eve. Who would have guessed? Efron was my brother's age and Pfeiffer was my mum's. The combination was awful in certain sense but then again; when the purpose was to fulfill a cliche new year's resolution, what the heck?

So, I'm asking myself tonight:
Should I be like the others or follow the normal cliches as expected by many this year?
Should I put other people's perception as my own new year's resolution this year? Or next year? Or year after?

I'm turning 30 this year. So, welcome 3 series life. And like a BMW 3 series, I have options: sport sedan (E90), station wagon (E91), coupe (E92), and convertible (E93).

The choice is mine to make.

Happy 2012 everyone. With blessings and forgiveness from Allah, we'll start it this moment, this day, this very second of 2012.

Any cliche resolution to share?


kak ijan said...

Happy new year sis. We were hoping to see some pieces of fireworks from our window. haha!

Pocket said...

the early paragraphs of this text shows that u'r getting mature, no more running around in the night of new year howling like a wolf to anything great the artist is saying on the stage...
'happy semua!!?'
sort of..

and the end was u stomping your feet down saying that no we dont have to be like everyone else.
hey! this life is yours to lead.
why follow people's track when u can do it differently.
Oh sha.. be 'Michelle Pfeiffer' please:D and kiss a 'zacEfron' please :D

(how i wish i could be the 'ZacEfron' was beside the point)

Cliches resolution?
Hell just like the last ten years before.. i wanna own 'The BMW' :D