Friday, January 06, 2012

mum bought her pubic hair

I hate my Facebook page. For the past few days I have been reading about someone else besides my friend's stories, my family member's updates or even my favourite authors latest books. Not to mention the latest score for football matches.

The purpose of me having an FB account was to ensure that I won't miss a thing. Reading Aaron Aziz' Twitter updates was not that important but what most important was that the FB page served the purpose of teaching me and nurtured me with knowledge.

I guess it did. When that someone else invaded my Facebook page, I felt disturbed. I also felt uneasy reading stupid articles about someone who was not my family, not a friend and not even an idol. My character did not include intervening any other people's privacy but in this situation, I was lured to do it. Yes, how could I not be? At least 10 percentage of the people in my friends' list have updated the same article in their Facebook and it showed a picture of a girl with thick eyebrows, puffy lips with red lipstick and a tudung which showed part of her neck. A 17 years old girl wore a lipstick like that and looked 27 instead. That was few years ago and at that moment, I did not fancy her that much. It remained until today.

First and foremost it was not because of jealousy. It was simply because I came from great school. During our era which was prior to the open certificate, we were only allowed to take maximum 10 subjects. We were based on aggregate so our numbers were going backwards. The least was the best. So, getting single digit aggregate with several As (which could be maximum 10) was normal for me. Hello....I was from one of the best schools in Malaysia and it was just normal for us! And getting straight As...well, heck, we got lots of people like that in our school!

We have also been taught not to idolise any other human besides Rasulullah and our parents. In our school, it has been advised that we should make ourselves as good human beings by learning and not by being a fanatic towards a person. So, it was a pity that even though we have great seniors with straight As or awarded as best students, we only aimed to get the same result but not to take that person as a whole. We have been reminded that human had flaws and getting good results was not everything if we did not managed to build our personality.

Our teachers were so proud if we managed to be someone like one of my seniors who appeared in Al-Kuliyyah several times. It showed how well that they have taught him and how influential the knowledge which have been bestowed upon him since he managed to present the practicality of what he had learned. I should also mentioned that he was not the only one who appeared in the television; there were too many of them to even being mentioned but we were not proud, we were just pushing ourselves harder. What most important was for everyone to see that we would eventually contribute to the people and nation.

So, my standpoint was just this: I didn't give a damn about academical success since it did not guarantee a child to take care of her parents during the period of illness. It did not constitute that a medical student with lots of As would become a caring doctor. It did not portrait a person's faith in religion. And most definitely, a record was meant to be broken, so, why should we stay to the old one? 17? Hello, we could definitely see more! And should we just stop at SPM?

Move forward, Malaysians!

We have more candidates coming in to fill the position of doctors, pharmacist.. lawyers...yada...yada.. We shall look forward to pay tax in order to send a rubber tapper humble daughter to cure our mother and father in the government hospital. We must make sure that our children will going to be someone who knows that at 2am in the hospital, when a mother is going to the labour room, it means that the doctor should ignore about the outfit that she is wearing beneath the white coat. Or whether the colour of her hair matches Jennifer Lopez.

We have enough of artists but we need more doctors. So, let's channel our children to become someone they want to be and should be. It's our choice to guide our children because at the end of the day, they are our UPSR, PMR, SPM, degree, so on and so forth. If we fail to guide them to do or to become someone good, then forget about showing our snob face at the television and say that, "My daughter is the best!"

You will only know whether your children are reliable or the best once you're in alam barzakh; whereby only your soleh and solehah children's prayer will safe you from any trouble.

Speaking of rubber tapper just now, I would also like to highlight the fact about teachers' salary. Last week, under a rambutan tree, my mother told me about her first paycheck which was only for RM290. That was how much we paid teachers those days. But with good educational opportunities, most of our teachers are currently graduates and with our good economic growth, the teachers, especially the graduates, are earning thousands of ringgit!

So, this was my argument since last time - why bother helping someone who could afford to put on red lipstick at the age of 17 when you could definitely sponsored a girl with patched baru kurung sekolah? Why bother spending the money for a child who could definitely get a lacy legging as gifts in Paris from her DG more than 41 secondary school teacher? How could Bank Negara, with due respect, consider of making millions of people devastated with unfairness when a rubber tapper could only wait in kampong for her daughter to come home during summer (that is, if JPA sponsored the trip) while a GPK1 could visit her daughter 13 times in UK. Plus Europe trip too?

And you think a girl who has fake English accents and dyed hair could treat an apek, atok, or Ane in the hospital? Get someone who is proud of her roots, please!

Wooowww...this is horrendous! I was not a patriot but Malaysia has our own identity and she is not showing it. Well, I didn't care if I was not paying tax for her education but I was sad that I couldn't send more qualified candidates over there when they were more needful than a girl who thought she loved fashion.

It was also a sad moment when we read the fact that her mother was the one who chose her clothes. Masya-Allah. For record, this was what I told my mother on the day we read the newspaper together. I told her not to say anything about her pupils in school. I told her that teachers could be good gossipers so don't be one. That was because I have always realised that as a daughter of a teacher (well, that explained the anger), we were being watched by others. Let say our mother scolded a girl who shaped her eyebrows or bleached her hair. What do you think the new generation of children will say to you?

They would say, "Mind your own business. My mum doesn't care so why should you care!"

I would say, after this Cikgu Sab, you should be ashamed towards your student. I don't think you still have the right to take care of the discipline of your student especially when it came to their dressing. Even if they are not wearing bras with sheer baju kurung, don't you dare talk about them. You are the queen of fashion, you know better than sheer was not necessarily transparent. You knew the word lining better than most of us.

Last but not least, I also would like to express my anxiety towards the defensive attitude which has been shown in this case. I thought that overprotective was necessary. In this instance, what you should do was just to shut up. An intellectual person should just say few words with humble and look upon Allah instead of looking snob and arrogant. It made things worse. It showed your own stupidity. It showed that you were responsible of all the things that other people were saying about your daughter. Come on, most people were just shocked to see the appearance of your daughter and that was it. It has got nothing to do with whether she was smart in exams or not. It was mostly about how could she, or you, as smart as both of you were, could be very lousy in choosing clothes? And how could someone as smart as your daughter could show the picture of her squatting in Facebook without even knowing who she should trust. Was she proud in showing her pictures or she did not know how to make it private?

Well....this made me wonder whether Lady Gaga's mother chose the blue pubic hair and armpit hair she wore during her performance;)

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Pocket said...

someone said something elsewhere..
it seems like by making an offensive comment towards her would make them look 'holier' <- if there is such a word.

but not for the pocket.
cause by appearing 'holier' is like appear with serban in public.
if u do something wrong then,
well u get the same offensive words back to you:D

i tot red lipstick was the next big thing? :D