Thursday, February 16, 2012

something blue

Something Blue (Darcy & Rachel, #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Following the smash-hit SOMETHING BORROWED comes story of betrayal, redemption, and forgiveness. Darcy Rhone has always been able to rely on a few things: Her beauty and charm. Her fiance, Dex. Her lifelong best friend, Rachel. She never needed anything else. Or so she thinks until Dex calls off their dream wedding and she uncovers the ultimate betrayal. Blaming everyone but herself, Darcy flees to London and attempts to re-create her glamorous life on a new continent. But to her dismay, she discovers that her tried-and-true tricks no longer apply--and that her luck has finally expired. It is only then that she can begin her journey toward redemption, forgiveness, and true love."

Some people wrote reviews on this book and said that this book was better than Something Borrowed. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't. I personally felt that these two books were actually about morale standings. If you were the type of a person who thought that infedility and loyalty to friendship of a strong believer of BFF - then Something Blue was a better book for you to read.

Well. Let's just express what I thought. I thought that a good friend was supposed to be daring enough to express any wrongs done by a friend. If a friend was drinking before driving, then it would be better for a good friend to send him/her home. Or, made it to the extend by saying, "Hey, don't drink! I don't have a car to send you home!"

So, strong points to Ethan as a friend than Rachel.

In Something Borrowed, I read about indecisive woman who only knew how to listen to a guy that she loved for quite sometime. I mean, he made most of her decisions, in my opinion. In Something Blue, she made hers, stood by her ground and faced reality.

Realistically, I hate bullies. But I was a firm believer of nothing could be so sweet if it was not through a hell of struggle.

Let's toast air tembikai to Darcy!

Though she was not the best heroine ever, she was a lesson to learn:)

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over my twenty years said...

i love this book much more than the first one.