Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 wives and 1 husband of yesterday :+wondermilk

My post today will be a simple one:
4 Wives and 1 Husband of Yesterday

1. What?
It was pay day after long suffering period between getting the salary early last month, festive season and getting the salary on time this month.

2. When?

3. Where?
+wondermilk, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

4. Who?
Me and the girls:)

5. How?
We went by a car. Good news. Since we reached Publika after 6:00 p.m, the parking cost was only RM1! Well, a new shopping mall with less outlets and more cafe was a blessing. We had purposely chose this place since we have never been to Wondermilk before. Thanks to my accomplice in Ceritera Seorang Bookaholic (CSB) named Fae;I had eventually set my foot at the place which has been introduced to me via Instagram. It took me five months to made yesterday a reality:)

My target was: cupcakes.

Obviously Lola Cake was tempting but I had to remember that desert was only to satisfy lust. So, we took four cupcakes for RM17 - Superainbow, Foxy Red Velvet, Chocolate Cheese Surprise and Kiss Cheese. Basically, on average each of us enjoyed one and quarter cupcake with a pinch of taste for each flavour.

The waists were saying, "damn you" but there was no regret. Each flavour was different and enjoyable but - Superainbow & Foxy Red Velvet were excellent:)

And since I was a sweet tooth yesterday, I had specifically ordered a latte without sugar or syrup.

The combination  between cupcakes and coffee was heaven :)

The waist was cursing and the stomach was demanding for a simple and healthy food. Well, look at your right. This was our feast :)

I ordered Mighty Ranch Green Salad which was refreshing at crunchy at the same time. There was grilled chicken, raisins and grated parmesan cheese with ranch dresssing.

One of the girls ordered Asian Grilled Chicken Salad. My testimonial? It was better than mine! Roasted almond and the chicken was something to remember. I would definitely suggest this to anyone whose looking for salad dish or something healthy to nibble:)

I could not remember the name of the sandwich but it was nice as well.

While "lepaking" after work yesterday, we enjoyed such nice ambiance. Perhaps the music should be more relaxing (I guess it was because the workers were young lads who obviously enjoyed rock than jazz).

Nevertheless the environment was peace and quiet and we had a very good time snapping lots and lots of pictures while sitting on the bench. 

One of the workers was sporting enough to snap our pictures. Those who were following me via Instagram, the pictures were available on my profile.

Before I went home, I bought cute postcards for RM1 each. Those would be my bookmarks very soon.

Rating for +wondermilk Publika?

3 stars. Good food, great cakes. Perhaps a bit of art on the latte would helped the whole experience:)

Now, how do you like this light posting so far? 



Kengkawan said...

never been there.. yet:-)

Sharian Zamrinor said...

Kopi muar is way better than all of the stuff u said up there

Cik Qemm said...

Dating with girlfriends while gossiping, cupcakes, wondermilk.

Seems like it is a good place to hanging out!

Dee said...

love it..what a great place to hang out..mesti pergi satu hari nanti...wohooo..

munir ardi said...

amazing place I lokking for the same place in my country