Monday, September 10, 2012

affogato cinta

faux affogato by Klara Kim
faux affogato, a photo by Klara Kim on Flickr.

It was 6:30 p.m and he hasn't showed up. Well, he promised me that he would come but...

It was freaking 6.30 p.m! The air was chilly and I bet that it would be raining soon. Yes, last week was horrendous. I spent seven hours in the bus just to get back at 1 a.m. Due to a poor drainage system in Serdang, thousands of cars stuck at Sungai Besi for almost eternity!

I was on MC the next day due to flu, fever, and definitely...exhaustion. And that was not it. I was on MC for the rest of the week, thanks to bad ventilation and stubborn people who insisted on coming to the office even though they were sick.

So, technically, I was still taking antibiotics. I was partially sick, like at least five to ten percent near recovery.

Therefore, lateness was not a good element to celebrate on-the-dot departure from the office.

"Ma'am, may I get your order?" the Nepalese waiter was asking. His accent was a bit disturbing but then what did I expect? An Italian waiter?

Well, it was not fair to put it on him. It was not his accent. It was me. I was not in the mood of talking. Or ordering.

"Ma'am?" he called up again.

"Mmmm...yeah. Affogato please,"
My reply was as simple as possible.

"Just affogato ma'am?" he asked.


And he left. I looked at my phone. The coverage was bad. Most of the time, I would spend my time with my Galaxy Note. My books. Ever since I bought the phone, I brought tote to work. Or normal size handbags. This was because I didn't really have to bring my thick books to stuff a big bag. In case I was traveling, my phone charger was more valuable than a paperback.

But then, hey...KLCC was just near to Menara Maxis! For some reason, only Maxis customers were enjoying the good service near the place and not the competitor's customers from different territory! e-book worked out just fine. I just needed to check on my Instagram. That was the thing. I wanted to view my best friends' wedding picture. Now, how could I?

"Affogato? Are you sure, ma'am?"
His deep resonant voice was at the back of my skull.

I froze. Then I felt his movement from behind my back towards the chair in front of me. I saw his Braun Buffel belt buckle. Then lower near the zipper....(uuuuhhhh...woww...).

"Don't worry, darling. I can go hard or I can go home," he chuckled.

I blushed when he took his seat. Damn, I was such a coy. Such a coy.

Luckily, the Nepalese waiter saved my day.

"Your affogato, ma'am?
" he said politely while putting the white cup in front of me. He gave me a standard smile before he left with the tray.

I was silent. My eyes were looking at the empty screen. Instagram was not doing fine. I definitely missed this affogato picture that I wanted to show to my brother. Argghh. He never tasted affogato before!

"Taknak pandang I?" he asked.

"Nope," I gave that stupid sound of my reply.



"Then, what's the point, Sha?" he asked calmly. There was anxiousness in his voice but I knew he was maintaining it well.

"You wanted to meet me. It was not the other way around,"
I gave him a matter-of-fact.

"But I didn't expect you to..."

"If you knew me well, then you would have expected my reaction,"
I looked in front. He was looking at me. Damn, his eyelashes made me wanted to drool! Shit.

I licked my bottom lips. Yeah, I felt some saliva at the corner of my mouth.

"What?" I asked directly.

"Sha. Emiliana dengan I dah putus tunang," he said.

I looked down at my affogato.

I just realised that the scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso was beginning to melt.

I can go hard or I can go home.

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