Friday, September 28, 2012

antologi punggung sakit

the type of tweet that I like
As I was munching the ala carte Cheese Burger in Aseana, KLCC, I scrolled my timeline via Galaxy Note and viewed this:

"Seorang nok telah mengutuk cara masakan spaghetti carbonara aku yang menggunakan cheddar cheese. Memanglah kau lebih hebat masak dari aku sebab kau lebih tua dari aku. Makcik!"

I grinned. Twitter has its own way to amuse me. Always amusing me, I will say. It is not a green pastures, where everything is honest and true. Aye, there are quite number of things you should learn... 

Like how some lies are believed in the most sincerest ways.
Like how some people love to be complimented.
And some people hate to be criticized.

There are different ways of handling criticism too.

Like this...
"Siapa kata kerja cikgu tabika itu hina? Mesti mak dia kerja tukang sapu sampah kat sekolah. Bukan macam bapak aku yang kerja cikgu. Perlu jadi sarcasm."

I am thinking that the sarcastic approach in accepting feedback is sometimes hilarious.

Things can be so childish.
Or stupid.
Or self-reflecting.

Who cares if you're a teacher or your father is a teacher in the same county and your letter keeps flying to his school address? Come on. In the first place, what are you trying to portrait? 

So what if you're teacher and people complain about teachers? Do you have to condemn a janitor's daughter just like the way she condemn you as a teacher's daughter? Now tell me what is the different between you and the janitor's daughter? Same mentality, my dear. Both are too funny to be true :)

Some even responded like this...
"Ye. Aku nak goreng karipap ni. Sarcasm saja kerana karipap itu amusing."

Now, this is amazing. Some people want to be sarcastic. Aye, a sarcastic clown:)

There are numerous tweets like this...
"Kau kata aku andartu pastu syak aku lesbian sebab aku umur 27 tahun pastu tak kahwin lagi. Jadi, kau tu apa ya "kakak"? I thought kau dah 3 series."

Well, this, my lovely lass, is a statement which mention that the Twitter will love to just live up until the age of 29. Once again, it is a personal attack with no basis :)

Ironically, all these wonderful tweets published with a smiley icon in the end. Proud maybe? I am not that sure, lass. Aye, sometimes I think that it is purposely done but then again, we always have an option to check, isn't it? 

If you say that you Google everything including a cheddar carbonara recipe, then perhaps you can just check all your statements - whether it is grammatically, sensibly and technically correct. Otherwise, you will end up using this word:

"An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."

As I mentioned in my earlier post, inzal tu apa. senggama tu apa - some words are technically being translated and used due to the decency of translation (even though Merriam-Webster and Google Translate disagree)

So, buntut sakit?
Why do we have to smack other people's butt when you're the one with haemorrhoids?
Do you want everyone to see your pimply butt?


p/s: Burger bakar might be overrated due to some tweets by the rural people. But then again, if I say that Muar is rural then a butt-hurt girl will point her finger to Alor Gajah asking...what?


Neeza Shahril said...

dear, it's all about how people interpret things... words can be misleading kalau kita baca ikut our interpretation and bukan the write.. which is wrong kan.. :D

Amieynna said...

Sarcasm ni kadang2 susah nak faham maksud yang cuba disampaikan.
Senang cerita. Direct to the point je. Tak yah nak sarcastic sangat..

**thanks sebab selalu singgah blog saya!!

wantie said...

You are what you think!

kalau kita pandai handle kritikan org lain ke atas kita, kita akan anggap kritikan itu kritikan membina.

kalau kita ingat kritikan orang itu sebab orang tu jeleskan kita. maka akan kekal la fikiran buruk ke atas dirinya.

kalau kita ingat kritikan itu sebagai satu "Joke" maka ianya akan kekal sebagai bahan guraun.

zino said...

salam hujung minggu..

Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

Tak pernah nak masuk cmpur. Kikiki