Thursday, September 20, 2012

apa rasa tahi hidung?

Fresh Lemon Juice by teenytinyturkey
Fresh Lemon Juice, a photo by teenytinyturkey on Flickr.
Remember the time when one of the contestants in Akademi Fantasia asked this question,

"Apa kau rasa...oren?"

At that time I was unsure where the question was heading to. Whether it was just a joke or whether it was meant to give back. I used that question with the same tone of voice since then. It was quite amusing when a simple question like that could make someone laughed or annoyed. Most people would laughed and shrugged the question away but some got annoyed and answered back.

Well, I wanted to blog about something else this morning but it turned out that I did not have enough time to write a story. Besides, tomorrow would be Friday which usually a casual writing day. So, let's write about something easy.

While I was busy looking at the numbers, I played this game with my partner. It was just about something which came into his mind the moment I mentioned something.

For example:

Question: Funny?
Answer: Mak Jemah

Question: Colour?
Answer: Red

So, our theme for the day called "Rasa" or taste. Initially we wanted to refer to the tongue but eventually we ended with something else. Check out the results:

1. Bitter: Black coffee
He loved condense milk. I liked black coffee.

We talked about how I liked my black coffee in the morning and how much I enjoyed it. Aye, black coffee was the best. Some said that it was bitter, but for me that was the correct way of differentiating the coffee. Try the cheapest coffee in town. Drink it without any additional flavour. Then find the expensive coffee and drink it the same way. It tasted totally different.

When I went for the training as a barista, my trainer asked us to drink a Kopi O at Mamak, washed our mouth and tried five types of freshly brewed coffee. Trust me, that was the best experience ever. We actually said that the best was Kopi O Mamak! He just laughed and told us that we had damaged palate.

But then again, for me the bitterness was what made coffee unique. You would try to determine the body of the coffee - nutty, smoky, spicy, It made you shudder the first time your drank it. Some might threw the liquid away, but I just gulped the whole thing.

There were times in life when swallowing something bitter made you taste the nicest things afterwards.

Besides, that was the best cure for menses and mood swings:)

2. Sweet: A mole a.k.a taik lalat
I laughed when he answered this. I asked him, why? He asked me back, "How sweet is sweet?"

Take sugar for example. When you put a teaspoon of sugar, you knew for a fact that for some people it was not that sweet. Some might say that three tablespoon of sugar was not enough.

How about a mole?

Some said Siti Nurhaliza looked sweet with her mole (which appeared and concealed occassionally)
I said that Cindy Crawford won't look nice without her mole.
A guy said that Eva Mendes mole was sexy and it was too sweet, he wanted to have her.
Some liked Neelofa - mole or no mole.
Or some loved it too much, he might as well adored Sharifah Aini.

Which one are you? If someone forced you to drink condensed milk, would you vomit?
I knew I would.

But how about mole?

3. Sour: Armpit a.k.a Ketiak
A typical Malay guy answer yet it was undisputable. Screw your move on theory, I still remember Sepet's smell after he played tennis and smoke. That particular "ketiak masam" was the smell that I liked so much until I decided to keep one of his unwashed shirts.

Yeah, I would prefer a guy who had smell as his identity.

But how many of those people outside who preferred Paco Rabane?

4. Salty: Tahi Hidung
This made me relax a bit. I stopped for a while and laughed. We talked about the incidents where sometimes people tend to be in denial. They said, "Eh, I've never tasted tahi hidung in my entire life!"

Aye! Try it:)

5. Hot: Wasabi
We talked about our friend who wanted to please his boss so much; he ate a spoonful of wasabi and suffered an ear infection for two days in a row. Well, talked about a Malay guy who, never in his entire life, went to a sushi bar. I pitied him because he was from East Coast. He drank bottles of water when he bit a bird eye chilli!

But have you heard about "Some Like It Hot?"

You need to taste this sharp ouchy pain on your tongue once in a while to remember something.

Better hot than infectious, don't you agree?

6. Bland: Hati. Heart.
Tawar hati was one of our ways to describe things. Malay language is flowery yet the meaning is quite simple and straightforward. I would say that those who created the "simpulan bahasa" were genius.

But how do you describe bland?
How uninteresting and monotonous. Now, would you prefer this?

I'm sorry then.

Plain water is for free.

Here, in this blog, you have to taste everything!

Is there anything amiss?


Cik Qemm said...

Haha enuf with reading the answers, dah tau gambaran rasa tahi hidung. Lol!

But will try to have black coffee and feel the different :p

Neeza Shahril said...

I would have to say yikes!! for salty tu.. :D

Dee said...

k dee luvvvv black coffee..especially kopi yg org2 kg bikin tu..yg pakai penapis tp still ada serbuk2..the smell of it..huh...mcm bau perfume je..leh mabuk..hahaha..