Monday, September 17, 2012

apam mak kau lucu tak?

Ijo by +Z+
Ijo, a photo by +Z+ on Flickr.
There was a very romantic song by Lonestar which I loved so much until I wished that it would be my wedding song. Yes, I had that dream when I was with Sepet since this song actually described him a lot but to be frank, it was more like my dreamy song with Jack Bass. It was a country song and Jack Bass was an American. From my point of view (at least), it was a great match in heaven.

The part which I loved the most was the chorus. I know how cliche and typical I sounded to you, but hey, this was the kind of song where the chorus made the difference.

I don't know how you do what you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life,
with you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do,
Baby I'm amazed by you.
- Amazed by Lonestar

When I played this song, I also realised that I have been away too long. So, to get the feeling of writing this blog again, I went through my blog and checked out my old posts. It has been made in random based on where linked within at the bottom of my postings led me to. I clicked and clicked and eventually found this entry entitled: sha: the anonymous in your blog.

In this entry, I blogged about how certain people could be so annoying in commenting one's blog. Yes, folks, I smiled when I read my own entry. This was created three years ago. As time went by, there were times when I wished that I blogged better. I wished I could write with a proper grammar or did things differently. I was amused with the way I was defending a blogger who received bad comments from her reader. Huiyo, I was quite defensive back then. With good cause too! But was it worth it?

Wait, I said that I was amused, did I?

Amazed. Amused. Amazed. Amused. Amazed. Amused. Amazed. Amused.

Wowww, the words looked almost similar, aye? But how about the meaning of those two words? Was it similar? Let's check out the dictionary; let's use Merriam-Webster via Galaxy Note for this entry (ceh...):

- to show or cause astonishment
E.g.: Her garden's beauty never fails to amaze.

- to entertain or occupy in a light, playful, or pleasant manner
- to appeal to the sense of humor
E.g.: a funny story that never fails to amuse

Okay. How about Google Translate then?

Amazing - menakjubkan
Amusing - lucu

If I wanted to say, in coloquial words, "Apam mak kau gempak tak?" should I use amazing or amusing?

"How amazing your mum's apam is?" or
"How amusing your mum's apam is?"

Similar. But they carry different meanings.Which one will you choose?

Sometimes we could not helped it if others knew more than us.I personally had a set of close friends who were reading this blog and talked to me about where I went wrong. I also have a set of a set of cyber colleagues who have been damn loyal even when this blog was full with spider webs. Those loyal people told the truth and spooned me with bitterness but a feedback was a feedback, aye?

That was what friends were for, don't you think?

When I wrote that entry 3 years ago, I was looking from a blogger's point of view. I thought, "Hey, why did you come and commented that way?" I mean, was it wrong when the person was just talking about an umbrella? Besides, her blog was consider her territory, aye?

It was until I activated my Twitter did I realised that things were not as close as harmony. When I wrote this blog several years ago, people were very civilised when it came to receiving feedbacks and providing opinion. We seldom read bad comments as a person who did that would not be staying long as a blogger. Check out your blog list, you would realise that some blogs have not been updated for years.

However, in Twitter, things happened within few seconds. The moment someone was mentioning, then you would be on red alert.Well, 140 characters was an indicator that you had to be direct.

It was amazing to see how fast people would react towards criticism when it was in their favour than when it was the other way around. Words were digested faster in Twitter compared to Blogger. Logically, one should reacted faster when the words were lesser.

Maybe not.

Freddie blogged, "Your mum's apam is amazing!"
and within nanoseconds I would reply, "Thanks Freddie!"

Freddie tweet, "Your mum's apam is amusing!" and how should I react?

While typing this, I was looking down. Kain batik had no zipper. Huh!

Apam was a name of places. (Check out my posting on apam)

I wonder whether the people in Ghana laughed everytime they said, "I'm from Apam."

Hilarious. A single error caused several damages:)


Dee said...

tetiba teringin nak makan apam polkadot..hihihi...

Cik Qemm said...

I'm the loyal cyber friend!

True, response in twitter is much much faster. And a sentence can have diferrent interpretation.

zeqzeq z said...

cuba warna kuning hijau,,hihikk