Friday, September 14, 2012

cultivate your love

I was nowhere near KLCC when Kate Middleton and her prince walked across the garden. Well, if I was around, then this story might be a bit different. I might be one of those five thousands people in the crowd this morning.

Or maybe not. Maybe I would be too busy chasing my dateline and since we were approaching the end of Syawal, I might have been busy swallowing plain water with fruits to prevent myself from eating excessive ketupat, lemang and rendang. I would be attending the "open houses" in the office which mostly offered the same menu with different taste.

Perhaps I should be in that crowd. My waistline was clearly indicated the word "no" for MNG jeans. could I used Kate as an excuse of not being able to eat bowls of pudding and cookies? Obivously people would notice and my boss would not approve. Well, that was just too bad, wasn't it?

When I was 15, I was quite obsessed with Kate's husband. Well yes, I didn't know that he would have less hair when he turned 30. I thought he would be as beautiful as his mother and I didn't know any young royalty in Malaysia besides Raja Nazrin from Perak. Yeah, call me ignorant. I was a tv freak and 1997 was the year I created my first e-mail. But still...? (sigh)

At the age of approaching 30, I knew for a fact that I was not fond of William; I was just an admirer of the late Diana. The reason?

I won't give you the cliche like The People's Princess and things like that. My only reason for admiring Diana was: FLOWERS.

I mean, look at those bridal bouquet back in 1981! From the documentary that I watched, that bouquet weighed six pounds. There were yellow 'Mountbatten' roses, white orchids, myrtle, gardenias, freesia and lily of the valley.

That was when she got married. When everything was happy and everyone seemed to be drowned in this so-called fairy tale. I mean, of course she had the biggest flower. She was a princess!

But how about this one in the picture? At this time, when I was about to sit for my PMR, she was no longer a princess. Yes, she had this royalty funeral but as usual, she received the more flowers than anyone did in history.

Look at her coffin for a start. Prior 1997, those white lily was not as famous as today. I remember that because I kept my pocket money to buy flowers for myself. However, on 13 October 1997, approximately a month and a half after Diana died, I received my first bouquet of white lily from a bunch of close friends. Just like the one in this picture :)

And there were tulips from William and roses from Harry. I believe that was the reason why I was so fond of William. Tulips, during my adolescent, was such a rare beauty. I had never touched any tulips in my entire life. From the language of flowers it carried the meaning of "undying love". Yes, I would swoon if I could see a man who loved his mother like that. From the day I reached puberty, I have always been a firm believer of a "man who loved his mother would definitely know how to love you."

Besides, William was born in 1982. We were practically the same age. That was the only crush permitted by mum when I was at that age!

Anyone who remembered Diana's funeral would have remembered the number of flowers received by Diana when she died in 1997. It was like a pool where the whole place was flooded with several types of flowers.

As a secondary school girl, all I was thinking was how lucky it was to be a princess. I thought that nobody in this whole world would have received such flowers. How nice it was to have everyone liked you for who you were. Obviously, giving flower was like a normal thing to do in the western culture. But as an easterner, it was somewhat an experience to see such huge amount of flowers at one time.

I have received several bouquets since demise of Diana in 1997. I have received lily in several occasions but the most special one was the yellow lily during my graduation. It cost RM30 sponsored by my brother and bought by my mother. Apparently, I was not that lucky when it came to the men in my relationships.

When I was not interested, I received flowers. When I was in love, I did not.

But I personally preferred football tickets than flowers. Bring me to Bukit Jalil, Jalan Besar, Anfield - that would be romantic. You could just pick up the hibiscus along the road, it won't matter:)

Or give me a plant. So that the love would grow. Then we could cultivate them together. And when I die, the plant would be on my grave. You would come and visit me and I would be at the back of your mind forever.

Or when you are with somebody else, it will be the flower in your garden. When it blooms it reminds you of somebody you used to love. Once in a while, trim the flower and give it to your loved ones. That is when you know that my love will never die, it stays with you and allows you to spread our love to others. knew I could be such a romantic, right?

Diana passed away and I was not sure whether she knew that there was a type of orchid dedicated to her in Singapore. Yes, as I mentioned several times in this posting, she was such a lucky lady when it came to flowers. Don't talk about patriotism here, darling. If you could name me a person who received a flower more than her, then I would salute you.

It was mentioned that she did not managed to see her white orchid. She was supposed to be scheduled to visit Singapore but she met an accident two weeks in prior.

I had seldom praised Singapore even it was because of Aaron Aziz. But I praised them for dedicating flowers to people. I saw pictures of Prime Minister and his Dendrobrium Najib Rosmah as well (though it was not as famous as Kate's). Dedicating a plant after a person would last for generations to come and documented it would make the memories stay forever.

Besides, it was orchid.
Well, you know me...

I wonder what happened to the pink roses they gave to Kate?

Pictures are from Google.


zeqzeq z said...

ada kah insan yang tak inginkan lomentik:-):-)

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Sangat romantik.
Sampai sekarang, Kak Long masih admire cara penulisan Sha.
Oh yes...
Puteri Diana masih puteri yang paling Kak Long minati, walaupun sebab kita berbeza. hehehe