Wednesday, September 19, 2012

eh, bra hilang tak?

meet me at the bra tree, bros. by catklein
a photo by catklein on Flickr.
The clock was ticking and it was 11:00 p.m. My radio was playing "Love Song and Dedication" at Mix FM.

Aye, I told you that Kurt Cobain was supposed to date me instead of Courtney Love. Liam Gallagher should ate that fish and chips with me instead of being in the newspaper for domestic violence.

They would be a better husband. Rock was my music but when the soft Terengganu caftan enveloped my body in the evening; I felt feminine.

I have always been a hopeless romantic regardless how much I denied it. Aye, my brothers claimed that I was half man. I was not qualified to be called a girl. Whenever I wanted to act like a normal girl, they jeered at me. Well, I just could not helped it. Maybe I was too much like my mother - too independent to have someone by my side.

Eh, that sounded familiar?

"Always been told that I've got too much pride
Too independent to have you by my side
Then my heart said, all of you will see
Just won't live for someone until he lives for me
- Show Me Love by Robyn

The talcum was at the side table. I took it and jumped on my bed and sang, "...Show me me life..."

I was so engrossed; so loud until I did not hear the siren. My housemates were knocking my door impatiently. When I opened my door, I saw Niza with green mask on her face. She gestured towards the corridor.

"Sha, keluarlah! Siren tu!"

As I walked out the door, I realised that my friends were louder than Robyn and everyone was rushing to go out of the apartment. We did not switched off the television, I left Robyn with the chorus and nobody gave a shit about how we looked like.

My apartment was at level 10. So, we were the last ones who went to the stairs. The journey down was too long. Everyone was very noisy and nobody made sense.

I, on the other hand, felt something on my chest. Like something was bouncing up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

I looked around and found nothing. Well, maybe it was my heartbeat. Everyone was panicking, and I should be panicked too. Nobody knew what was going on and our residents were giving us this very scary look when we reached downstairs.

Once we reached the ground floor, we were being escorted by few men towards the parking lot near the College of Business Management. They told us to stay there. Then they went back to our apartment where the smoke filled the air.

"Babe, brade yang belakang tu cute kan?" Fifi asked me.

I looked at her incredulously and said, "Aku tak perasan pulak!"

"Betul...nanti dia datang kau ushalah. Serius cute. Tadi dia senyum kat aku." Aye, Fifi had this allergy called men. Whenever she went near them, all her senses came to life.

I looked at Fifi. Then I grinned evilly.

"Mestilah dia senyum kat kau babe. Cantik spaghetti kau ni," I pulled the thin strap on her shoulder.

"Ya Allah, aku pakai ni je ke masa turun tadi?" Fifi's voice was panicking. I laughed. I looked at Niza who was pressing her fingertips to her cheeks. She did not realised that she was wearing the green mask either.

Well, most of the girls did not realised what they were wearing. I heard one of them moaned,
"Shit. Aku lupa handphone aku charging kat atas!"

"Dahlah kau baru beli 3310 kau tu. Aku takut hilang je," her friend responded.

It was a field of casuals. There were incidents of armpit hairs but luckily it was too dark to even noticed.

Suddenly, there was a loud male voice telling us to que according to our apartment level. Eh?

"Saudari-saudari, ini adalah latihan kebakaran. Sila pastikan anda beratur mengikut aras pangsapuri dan blok."

The cute guy was a fire-fighter. Fifi was blushing like hell! Yes, I knew it. I felt a first degree burn when she put her face on my back. Damn, her head was heavy!

The normal ritual of a fire drill went on with success. I looked around and saw some of my friends were clad in their "Floor Marshall" vest. I felt like killing them for not telling us in advance.

When everything was over, I climbed the stairs. The lift was too slow, everyone wanted to use it so I moved slowly. There was no rush since nothing happened. They actually burned some logs to make the fire looked real but it was not a real fire.


The feeling on my chest did not go away. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

Then I realised what was exactly happening.

I was not wearing a bra. I was too panic and rushy, I did not realise that the bounce was actually came from...the front side of my body.


I held the rail firmly. Yes, I valued my bra. But I believed that they were still there - pink, purple, blue, leopard stripes, tiger stripes. Victoria Secrets, La Senza, Marks and Spencer, Avon...and the normal Triumph.

Luckily there was no Twitter during that time.

Otherwise, my tweet would be,
"Apartment terbakar. Nasib baik koleksi bra kaler-kaler yang mahal tak hilang!"


Pocket said...

ohh sha,
u got me at hello..
eh tak...
u got me at 'up and down .. up and down'

and that was a nice touch stating your timeline by telling someone is worried about her 'NEW HP' which was the 3310...
nice one sis, nice one:D

reading this made me...
1)wanna be the sukarelawan who choreographed the whole fire drill.
hoping to see some action of course.

2) felt that it is a good thing men dont have to wear anything before go out in public, hell we could go out in our shorts... would be slightly embarras though, but still wont be that awkward :D

zeqzeq z said...

lelaki pulak hilang ape erk

Super Nia Hana said...

ahahah..hana rasa itu merupakan tweet terbaek untk tahun 2012 !

Neeza Shahril said...

Salam Sha... akak sampai terlupa your nickname.. sabor je laaa.. errrr..pasal bra tu, kalau orang tengok mesti colorful mata diorang kan Sha.. ;)

Kengkawan said...


aBoi said...

pfft ! hahaha... saya malu bila membaca sambil imagine.. xP

Dee said...

hahaha..well..most girls sleep without their dee terbocor rahsialah..hahaha..

lilihana said...

hahahah sengal ko kak..sakit paru2 aku

catklein said...

I don't know what most of this means, but I love it. And I took that photo : )