Friday, September 21, 2012

is your grandma a grammar nazi?

Kedai Kopi 434 Muar by KNizam Artwerk
Kedai Kopi 434 Muar, a photo by KNizam Artwerk on Flickr.
I read somewhere in Twitter:
"Being sarcasm saja dik. Iyakan saja apa dia kata."

I might be a Grammar Nazi in nature. There were times when I read my old posts and I grumbled about my silly mistakes. But there were several other Nazis who were more brutal than me.

My parents were the avid reader of this blog who constantly criticized the structure of my sentence. The ones who made fun of my typo errors were the mean people called brothers.

I even had Q; who openly corrected me when she commented on the posts despite several years of friendship.

Sya_annur would be one of the kindest Nazi who allocated some time for reference check. What's the meaning of this, how to make this out of this, how to say that and that. Technology plays the role of communicating an Android to a Blackberry in funniest ways:)

I won't be able to mention several other Nazis who called themselves bookaholics, bloggers and twitters. Your feedback was much appreciated and would always be welcomed for further improvement.

I have been shot several times by those Nazis. Shot with words, I mean. Now, it was not as bombastic as drinking five shots of espresso and expressed that with the snobbish tweets in Twitter but it helped the humanity by communicating properly.

Shot, in this instant was metaphoric term of being acknowledged by the ones who had the intention of asking us to do the right thing.

The shot was a good way of learning on how to kill the possibility of making stupid grammatical error and would caused us to eventually being a laughingstock by the ones who were expecting us to tumble.

If you were being shot, then what would you do? Die with the mistakes or would you consider to heal with the lesson as your cure?

Or do you prefer to spit on your wound by being sarcastic?

Eh, not being sarcasm meh???

Ok. Let's do it your way then. How about "being sarcasm"?

Statement 1:
I stick no to rice even though Aaron Aziz persuaded me.

"Being sarcasm answer":
How do you stick no and rice together?

Statement 2:
U still drinks coffee. Somehow it make me happy.

"Being sarcasm answer":
Who is U? Your boyfriend?
And who are It? They are very good in making you happy. Somehow.

Statement 3:
Thanks a teacher

"Being sarcasm answer":
Ok. Thanks you.

Now, let's drink coffee, shall we? Kopi 434 jadilah.
Raise your cup and.....Cheers!!!
Shall we be friends? I just followed your advice.
Being sarcasm. Hmmmm...nice.

Who needs Grammar Nazi anyway, grandma?
We should just follow you. 

p/s: Shooting on the field was not as easy as shooting on video games. If you are not prepared for a feedback, then why cause others the pain? (check out the meaning of sarcasm)

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