Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i'm jelly. let's have sex.

Jelly by missionverdana
Jelly, a photo by missionverdana on Flickr.
Andy Murray won US Open this morning and his comment on his win was how his legs were trying to fail him during his quest for victory. He screamed, "Jelly!" and soon after that "jelly" was trending on Twitter, worldwide.

So, as a habit, I looked into Wikipedia soon enough after a topic became a trend. I already told you how much I loved my Galaxy Note. Alhamdulillah, Wikipedia had an application which enabled me to just browse without even logging into the internet or even used Google.

I was amused with the result as I could see that some people even have Jelly as their surname. Take example of Willam Jelly and David Jelly who were the politician during the 18th century. The Irish name sounded funny to my ears but hey, who would have thought that centuries later it would be a trend in Twitter; mentioned by the legendary Andy Murray, a Scotsman who managed to break the taboo by redeeming British pride. No Brit won any Grand Slam since Fred Perry did in 1936!

Not only that, my discovery in jelly ended with another knowledge to keep:
Jelly was in fact a slang to indicate jealousy. Jelly means jealous.

So, if I was jealous with someone, I could just said, "I'm jelly."

But, there was another shocking discovery about the jelly which I found quite informative. I never realised that any jewellery had its own meaning. Back then, yes, I was a bit interested in the meaning of colourful crystals bracelets. However, I never realised that even the simple jelly bracelets had their own meaning as well!

Remember this? Apparently, this 1980s Madonna's black jelly bracelets represented:


Uh-oh. I was one of the fans of jelly bracelet when I was young. It was simple and colourful and I loved the versatility of the bracelet. I even wore those with baju kurung!

Especially the black one. Wow. I never thought that my libido would be as transparent as wearing rubbers around my wrist:)

Ok folks, I do not want to elaborate more on that. You may click to read articles on jelly bracelets.

Now...my next question would be:

A 55 years old makcik who have been neglected in bed because of her husband's second wife agility and pretty fresh face keep on distracting the schedule is using your shoulders as a spot to cry on. Well, you're so nice, that's why (kononnya) she came to you. Now, what advice would you want to give her if she complained to you about it?

I mean, you were 25, know nothing about marriage, your experience was just a long distant relationship with a partner whom express his love via Skype, your date was once in a month at Starbucks and...you never had sex.

Don't tell me you're going to ask her to wear colourful jelly bracelets. Surely the makcik won't scream "I'm jelly!" like Murray did this morning.

Come on.

You might be good on something. You might be a famous blogger. You might have fans in Twitter.

But how good are you in talking about something that you knew nothing of?


d0tbl0gsp0td0tk0m said...

ada masa nye nak luah kan sesuatu lebih mudah dengan menTAIP aje....

Kengkawan said...

ok let me finish reading abt jelly bracelet first..
couldnt think of any sound advice for d makcik yet.. haha

Dee said...

everything pun ada maksud eh..adeh..pakai black bracelet khamis mlm jumaat jelah..hahaha..

Pocket said...

ohh u could not be more cynical sis :D oh wait seminit, u could :D

the net is up again,
i can post now :D heheh

hey hey!!
one can always give advice about things that they dont know nowadays, they have the net and other references all over the world or the community to refer to.

but!! they would sound stupid in the audience of those who know...

then again it would be entertaining just the same!
one : to see a blogger who write like she knows everything there is to know about...
Another : to see a blogger who's making a fool out of herself..
so choose! how does she wants to portray herself?

oh oh why do i'm referring the blogger as her? she could always be a 'he' :D

about the makcik,
u can always ask her to loose some more weight to heat up the fire more or talk some sense to her that sex... is just 10minutes of sweat, saliva and 'Susu-Pekat'
(Ran out of 'S' word)
there's gotta be more to marriage then that :D

zeqzeq z said...

hah Jelly,,,white jelyi