Monday, September 24, 2012

kalau hati sudah berbunga

Moaning Myrtle
Good morning folks! I know it's nearly noon but then I have been observing my blog list and there was no movement. Nobody updated their blogs. Besides, Monday has always been a bad day. Or a busy day. Some says I'm having a Monday blues. Poor blue. Why can't anyone make it Monday pink or Monday yellow or Monday red?

Aye. Trust me. I'm a fan of purple but still, blue is the colour for Monday. Blue, in this context, sounds very negative up to a point that I'm asking myself several times:

Why do some companies choose blue as their corporate colour?
Why do we have Rumah Biru in school?
Why must we describe blue as "togetherness" or "harmony" for Jalur Gemilang?

But then again folks, this Monday blue thing is just a perception.

Why do we hate Mondays? 
Why can't we say "Thank God It's Monday!" and put TGIM instead of TGIF hashtags in Twitter.
Why do we moan?

If you have been reading Harry Potter books or watching Harry Potter movies, this girl might be familiar to you. Her name is Myrtle. Her nickname is Moaning Myrtle. She is a ghost. People called her Moaning Myrtle because she moans. What is moan?

- lamentation, complaint
- a low prolonged sound of pain or of grief
And who is Moaning Myrtle?
"Myrtle was a squat student with dark lank hair with a fringe, pimples and thick glasses. She died in 1943 and became a Ghost, wearing her school uniform for eternity. Myrtle was constantly bullied during her education at Hogwarts, for both her physical appearance and her personality. Myrtle hardly ever smiled and took great offence at the smallest slight, crying rivers of tears and wailing. "

Of course in our working environment, or lives, there are people like Moaning Myrtle. Sometimes, we describe ourselves as Moaning Myrtle. We have this tendency of pitying ourselves even when we were the predator and not a victim :)

The thing is, everyone loves to play victim. It's easier and simpler and dramatic. Sometimes, in the midst of watching Adam dan Hawa or Glee, we tend to feel that the story is more like our story when it is not. Who wants to play villain when the whole world is hating it?

Well, at least villains make the least complains. If you really want to be a heroien in your own story, then go ahead, cut down on the complains. I had this incident of a guy who choked after he sigh. Well, the sound of your breath won't help the person beside your cubicle, it won't make your students smarter and it won't make your job finish either. Unless, you put a blame on others to finish what you have or have not started:)

Ask yourself: Are you that Moaning Myrtle?

I did some Googling today and found an article about overcoming Monday Blues. These are the results and my comments:

1. Call a friend and Talk about the Fun Topics
You may call a friend but don't use your office phone. Some people does it once in a while, but at least cover that attitude from your boss. She might love to see where the cost is heading to and please make sure it's not coming from your own desk. Plus, your fun topic might be some other people boring topic. If the topic is about your boyfriend, do you think it will help your friend to change the colour of Monday?

2. Allow Your Feelings be as They Are
If you need to allow your feelings as they are, at least prohibit twitting as the solution. This might result in a never ending online session via company's desktop or laptop. Or even your own tablets and smart phones. Plus, make sure that your feelings are genuine and positive so that it will spread to others.

3. Plan Your Day
Monday is the first day of working and you have a long week to go through until Friday. Start planning to go home early so that you will have enough rest. At least, no overtime on Monday:)

4. Ask a Co-worker How Their Weekend Went
You may do this but not towards the extend of going for a very long breakfast or an hour of brewing coffee in the pantry. You may also want to remember that bragging is not the answer of positive attitude. At least stop talking about football when you're celebrating MU's victory last night. Instead of having a positive working environment, you might have sulking co-workers the whole day.

5. Stop Complaining
Aye. You may refer to this tweet I had last week:

6. Clean Your Desk
Piles of papers, files and unorganized items on your desk will eventually make your confuse on which one to start. That makes you complain. Actually, you are complaining about yourself because you're the sloppy one. However, you may result in making other people's miserable because they are just beside your desk.

7. Help a Co-worker
I don't have time for myself, how can I help others? Easy. Help others so that it will eventually clear the process of what you have to do today :)

Well, Moaning Myrtle is not really a bad girl. She has a good side but it is overwhelmed by the negativity of moaning itself. Same goes to you:)

Kate Middleton's Bridal Bouquet
Nevertheless, do you know that Myrtle is a royalty flower? It has been mentioned that Queen Victoria of England planted myrtle so that a sprig of that myrtle will be included in the royalty bridal bouquet including Princess Diana and Kate Middleton's bouquet.

According to the Language of Flowers, Myrtle means Love.

So, which Myrtle are you, folks?

Kalau hati sudah berbunga, buat apa pun riang saja:)

Happy working :)


Kengkawan said...

orang putih kasi bad connotation kepada biru.

1. out of the blue she said she was leaving (hello?)
2. once in a blue moon, barulah jumpa dia.. (again?)
3. he'll scream blue murder if he didn't get his way (hampeh?)
4. i got d blues for u hahahahha


juelee said...

jue punya company color oren hikhik tak sanggup nak pakai every monday.. dari jauh dah nampak

Dee said... sakit biasa blue ke green? x ingat sib baik co dee warna xde gak nasib baik..kdg2 tak psl2 kena tangkap gak..hahaha...

Sharian Zamrinor said... everyday such thing as meh??how how??tell me..tell me?? Hehehe

cikzara said...

kak sha. how i wish i can do that. phew.