Tuesday, September 18, 2012

kalau tidak berjaya menjadi pencuri, saya akan jadi perogol

Espressho shot by toni wahid
Espressho shot, a photo by toni wahid on Flickr.
Dalam dunia yang maya, prejudis dan bias
Kita tak terlepas dari terkena tempias
Rimas, ditindas, sembunyi dalam puisi dan kias
Tidak kau bidas, tak berpaling walau sekilas
Hanya kau yang tahu kodeksku yang kompleks
Dalam disleksia cuba kekal dalam konteks
Bila dunia seolah tak memahami
Kau sudi selami, dalami dan mengalami
- Teman Pengganti by Black feat. Malique

Welcome back to work, folks! It is Tuesday and I bet you're sleepy. Well, obviously we had good...good times during the weekend and sleeping time was effected. Then when it came to working day, we were suddenly sleepy and tired and hangover or whatsoever. Folks, that was all in our mind! The truth that we prefer a bed than a meeting was too obvious.

I could see it in your face;)

I have this friend who moaned to another friend of mine,
"Jaja, jom tukar kerja. Kau amik kerja aku, aku amik kerja kau."

When I asked her, "Why are you asking Jaja to switch jobs with you?" She complained about the complexity of her tasks, the meetings she needed to attend, her lazy boss, the rude customers etc.

So, I asked her again, "So what makes you think that switching jobs will resolve your issues?"

When I mentioned that it was her issue - it was her issue. How could you make a bucket of complains in one sentence?

She said, "Aku tengok kerja Jaja tak ada pun macam ni. Senang je."

Well, honestly, Jaja was dissappointed and furious with the statement. Of course her job was not as easy as Mimi thought!

But then again, hurdles in a professional field were for the workers to cross. One who was doing the job would know which shoes to wear, how long the legs should stretch and how to breath when the lungs were about to explode.

If you were the type of person who bought magazines and read novels, you would realise that there was a statement which need to be completed:

"If I'm not a lawyer, I will be dot..dot...dot..."

or translated as

"Saya pernah bercita-cita hendak menjadi perogol sekiranya tidak berjaya di dalam kerjaya saya sebagai pencuri."

Wait a minute.

That statement sounded so cliche and if you planned to be a hipster, hijabster or one of the kind, stop using that in your Facebook, Blogger, and especially Twitter profile. That showed lack of creativity. Towards some extend, it showed disrespect.

I filled in the blank when I was in college (which made this an ancient idea before year 2000)

"If I'm not a student, I will become a lawyer."

Aye aye! Bullshit.

Since graduated, I practiced banking, law, accounting...what else?

I even taught in a secondary school and brewed coffee as a professional barista in the evening. Two jobs in a day. From 07:30 a.m to 12:30 a.m everyday. Fatigue was a new word to learn and five shots of espresso was never mentioned in my Facebook or Twitter:)

Who said all of this was glamorous?

I managed to get through but who said that it was all easy. I understood Jaja's feeling about our jobs. It was not something easy until you could just asked to switch places. You should not make statements like "Hey...I wanted to be this and that..." when you already have a job and knew nothing about the other. It showed disrespect.

You might think that it showed your passion and interest and it looked as if you knew everything about it. Or you might give the excuse saying that you wanted to learn about the job. Realistically, were you serious when you mentioned that you wanted to be a rapist when being a thief made you earned more?

Be careful of what you're wishing for.
Stay in the job, folks.
Be thankful.
Be discreet.

There were too many people out there who might not be as lucky as we were:)

Happy working and enjoy your coffee!

Paying tribute to my former occupations. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki that I'm enjoying today.


Dee said...

yelah..umpama kita tgk keje tukang sapu sampah senang..tp kalau kita yg jadi tukang sapu sampah tu baru kita tau susah ke senangkan..hehehe..


Hello my friend! It's been awhile since I heard from you. Dropped by to say hello and hope you are doing great as usual! Take care :)

Sya Annur said...

my official job is a wife and a mother. my unofficial job ialah yg lain2 tu. hahaha...

Kengkawan said...

ironinya, last week i asked d same thing to a fren, coz i so want to travel sana sini x yah bayar. he said, dia x reti nk jadi babysitter like me. then i admit, i pun mmg x skills nk bersabar dgn customers n travel sana sini sambil berpanas kat tgh golf course...

sometimes, kita ni sgt tidak mengukur baju di badan sendiri kan...

Kengkawan said...
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zeqzeq z said...