Saturday, September 22, 2012

let's bake a pie. let's draw a pie chart.

Lisa Kleypas in her latest novel, Dream Lake, page 69 (Piatkus):

"it has something to do with the impression people have gotten lately...that if your life was graphed in a pie chart, half of it would be 'shitfaced' and the other half would be 'hungover'.

Happy weekend folks. How's your pie chart today?

I'm going to keep things easy and simple. My pie chart is indicating several portions; huge portion for my books, certain portion for the next posting of Awek Harimau Malaya and of course, television.

I will be with my mum during these activities - so it's not a typical spinster weekend. Oh, I'm sorry I don't give you anything to gossip or tweet. What a pity.

That is my activity pie chart. I'm thinking of fishing but then spending time with mum seems to be much urgent and needful at this moment. 

How about the emotion pie chart?

Considering that the activities are going to be the things that I like with the person I love; therefore it will be a round, glossy, bright pie chart indicating hundred percent contentment :)

I'm thinking of watching 3 Hari. Somehow this movie makes me enthusiastic. A good piece of art usually does. Ahadiat Akashah and Afdlin Shauki are my favourites; they entertain with simplicity yet the idea is way ahead of time. Aye, this maybe makes my emotion pie chart more intresting. Will I cry, will smile or will I laugh? I read the book. But that doesn't mean I know the whole story. I wonder how the pie chart is going to look like.

Aye, I do have things that I like and the things that I hate :)

If I can help it, I trust that my pie chart will be clear of tweet reading. At least for the weekend. Unlike Ahadiat and Afdlin's artwork which makes me evolve, lies and brags will definitely put the word "pissed" with angry colours. I mean, angry colours are vibrant but let's not make it consume several portions of the rainbow colour. Oh, I love my purple!

So far, I'm taking all the precaution to make my pie chart goes positive and beautiful.

Ah. One more. This is not just for the weekend. I'm making a mental note of prohibiting myself to blog or tweet for the sake of fishing for compliments or sympathy. Therefore, talking about colourful Victoria Secrets bra is definitely a no-no.

One might compliment by saying how great you are in describing push ups.
Another one might provide shoulder to cry on when you mention that you are finding articles about your sagging flat breast.

But then again, what is the point of talking about moving on when all that you do is wallowing or gloating?

Malulah sikit.

Let's just say that if the bra is going to be discussed again, it will be for a good cause and not in favour of telling everyone about me, me, me, and me. Life does not evolve around one person, right?

Besides, the last thing I want in a pie chart are portions of idiocy and selfishness.

Let's bake a delicious pie. Let's draw a beautiful pie chart. 

p/s: Quiche is my personal preference these days. It is fulfiling. But when it comes to chocolate - I just don't give a damn about anything.


wahida said...

saya pun suka afdlin!!

hai dear, tengs drop by my blog n drop ur comment, saya follow sini terus yer...

nice blog!!

Kengkawan said...

enjoy d movie!
wish i could go too:C

Sharian Zamrinor said...

I hate this're not 'being sarcasm'.....booo..boooo...booooo..

Neeza Shahril said...

Sha likes to read ya.. Akak memang envy dengan orang yang suka membaca. Akak ni suka membeli buku tapi bila bab membaca malas...